2005 Noe's Video List - Updated

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We're in the process of migrating to the new blog engine, which hopefully can be launched by new year. Beta version is actually available, but it's still barren .. email or PM me if you wanna test the beta or help out.. thanks. Some december entries will be available in that location too.

In the mean time, please do enjoy Noe's videos for the year 2005. Sorry for the quality, we took it using cameraphone:


So nice to find a baby who swimming , that my baby is doing!

Hello there, Mr. Indi, Mrs.Rani and Boss Noe:)
I come here via Google Video Search with the key words "baby swim". Xiang3xiang3, my baby girl, was born in China, Oct 2005. She started "swimming" with a baby life buoy in her first month. The followed URL contains a mobile video clip I uploaded to the internet to share with my friends instead of sending as e-mail attachment. I hope you will enjoy it!


Wish Noe healthy and happy!

ps. Not only enjoying the swimming videos here, I also get to know about "ticker" via your interesting site, and now I use it as my desktop.

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