80s Entertainment Keywords

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From TV/Radio/Movies/Comics/Magazines:
Oshin. Little Missy. Little House In The Prairie. Highway to Heaven. Escrava Isaura. Hunter. Sledge Hammer. Square One TV. The Bold and The Beautiful. Album MInggu Kita. Aneka Ria Safari. Ria Jenaka. Unyil. Thunderbirds. Silverhawk. Kisah HC Andersen. Kids Song. Moonwalker. Na Cha. Komik Mimin.

(Entry will be added as when new things pop into mind. Add your entry in the comment!)


More keywords

Huma, CHiPs, BJ and the Bear, Three's Company, Growing Pains

Madonna & Boy George :D:D

Madonna & Boy George :D:D


Asterix, Smurf & Candy-candy ;)

He-Man (and She-Ra), Jem and

He-Man (and She-Ra), Jem and the Holograms, My Little Pony, Benny Hill, Wham, BG and the Culture Club, Cyndi Lauper, Bruce Springsteen, Diff'rent Strokes, Full House, 16 Candles, Family Matters, Rosanne

full house (with the olsen

full house (with the olsen twins)!the best family show :)
anyway, daripada TV Indo menyiarkan sinetron, mending puterin film seri-nya dar negri paman sam kaya' Mc Gyver, Knight Rider, Our House, Dark justice gitu...lebih bermutu.

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