Should Indi write an appeal letter to NTUC Income Carsharing's Membership Services?

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Indi.... well...there's

Indi.... well...there's always 2 ways you can and forget bout doing it...
You can either still go on and pursue writing to the 'manager' or you can forget bout it and rent a car whenever you wanna use elsewhere! by the way..hey if you need to rent a car..juz gimma a shout! I am renting my car to whoever needs to use it....but pls handle with care...*wink*

I think you have a right to

I think you have a right to know why NTUC declined your application and perhaps lodge an appeal accordingly.

You can write directly to

You can write directly to Tan Kin Lin. Or write a letter to ST forum. That will get his attention and his response.

I dont understand how this

I dont understand how this application processing works, but second try sometimes is fruitful !

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