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I got tagged by Yanti to reveal my five dreams. Well, since this website is owned by my whole family, I guess the tag is also applicable to the other members of the family.

Let me ask Noe about his five dreams. As for now.. he might say:

  1. Mummy's milk, mummy's milk, mummy's milk! (you can see that even when he sleeps, his mouth keeps making the sucking gestures)
  2. I want to climb the wooden cabinet in the living room!
  3. I want to climb staircases all the time, and going down staircases too
  4. I want to enter the kitchen and the washing area!
  5. I want to enter uncle Yodhi's room all the time!

Yup, that's practically it. Perhaps that what he meant when I asked him, and he said, "Mamamama, mamama, MAMA!" or "Brrrrrrr babababa brrrr". Mind you, his dreams keep changing according to his new skills and abilities.

Before I start, i'd like to pass on the baton to five other bloggers: Thalia, Liza, Iqbal, Bridgette, and Evon.

OK now move on to my five dreams.

Well, what I'm gonna put here are not my attainable wishes, but rather, my unattainable dreams. Why not the attainable ones? because I don't wanna wish for it openly. Moreover, I should not wish too much, because God has been so kind, God has provided everything to me according to what I need sufficiently, and therefore I should not ask for more, or else I would be ungrateful and greedy. My prayers to God should not be to wish for things, but rather, to thank Him and to curhat my worries to Him.

Hence, I would just put down my unattainable imagination and dreams here.

  1. Perhaps first and foremost: I wish that people in this world live peacefully with each other despite their differences, and also live peacefully with the environment. Why is it so hard for people to learn from the history of wars and misery? I wish that people won't be prejudiced and judgmental. I wish that people would be forgiving. I wish that people would just live according to their needs and share the excess to others. I wish that people would be charitable.
  2. I want to travel all around the world with my family for the rest of my life. And I don't mean travelling lavishly. I want to backpack with Indi and Noe and the future children. We would stay with local people and experience local culture, music, dances, and local food! And along the way, we hope to help people too, through education, building schools, teaching appropriate technologies. Also, traveling is really an eye opening and humbling experience. In our top three priority list is to visit Iran, the Siberia, and South America
  3. I wish that all the written texts in this world are scanned into digital form, are searchable by google, and are accessible to me (and everybody else too). If this becomes reality, this would be second revolution similar to the gutenberg machine! However, it should not be corporatized. This is one big challenge.
  4. While I'm travelling all over the world (see item no. 2) I want to stay connected high speed to the internet all the time, so I could access the written texts as in item no. 3, and to write blog and book about the travel experience. May I always be well-endowed with the latest kind of gadgets, may those gadgets be sturdy and fast and are full of any softwares that I need.
  5. Lastly, in order to fulfil item no. 2 to no. 4, I would need to be really really rich. I dream that I am so rich that I would not have difficulty in fulfilling the above dreams. However, I don't want to appear rich. I don't want to buy jewelry or latest branded fashion or a huge mansion. Just let me travel with my family, let me help people, and let me be equipped with gadget to connect and blog.

I'll tell indi to write about his dreams too.

Oh, in addition to the unattainable dream, allow me to also add five more of the possibly-but-unlikely attainable dreams.

  1. I want to play violin, and be really good at it. This is one of my childhood dream, and until now I regret that I quitted violin lesson by Mr. Pinto (who was a really kind grandfather of portuguese origin) in Yamaha Music Bandung. I really really really really really really regret. And Mr. Pinto really looked sad when I made that decision. And now Mr. Pinto has passed away. Deep deep regret...
  2. I want to build an architectural model from sugar paste, royal icing, butter icing, and cake. This architectural model should be realistic depiction of its each element. So real, that each time I make incision through the model, it would reveal the section in detail. Therefore, I would need to make down from the foundation of the building up to the roof structure and roof tiles. It would be a work of art!
  3. I want to create an orchestral and choral musical composition. I have always been fascinated by layering in music. If only I have time to really study it and explore it. For example, I would really love to write a variation of "Spain" by Chick Corea for choir, or to write orchestral pieces from traditional Indonesian music. Related to it, I want to be able to create musical score for films. It's fascinating to see how music helps build the mood of the film, and helps to speak the unspeakable. Film scoring is not just shoving songs into film!
  4. Aside to writing a book on travel and culture (see the dream listed above), I want to write books on other topics, and translate many books to Indonesian. On my list for translation now (I wish....) are: breastfeeding books (BMSG, LLL), motherhood and feminism (Crittenden), basic mathematics (Dantzig), development economics / urban planning (Stiglitz, de Soto), and some biographies (Bernstein, Nureyev)
  5. I want to really master ballet on pointe, and be able to do the Grand Fouette. I always dreamed to do Grand Pas de Deux too, with a good looking male dancer in tight.


"Kkkgghhh... Mba mammmm...

"Kkkgghhh... Mba mammmm... hao hao.. wa! Bbbpp.. mma!".
Seems like my Daud agrees with Noe's hehehe... When I'm around he always asks for more and more milk. Then his granny would play with him and the request will be withdrawn. Smell DOES matter eh? :D

Danielle Crittenden? I like her book. Baru baca satu buku sih, tapi aku suka. Walaupun suka tidak berarti setuju dengan semua pendapatnya :)


allo lita.. kayanya anak2 kita kudu bermain bersama deh.. btw bukan danielle crittenden, tapi ann crittenden (mantan NY Times). Bukunya "The Price of Motherhood" seru dibacanya.


waduh, udah mo seminggu nih, gue masih blum kepikiran mo nulis apa di "dream tag" gue... sori, sori, bukannya ga merhatiin atau nyuekin, tapi bingung ya mo nulis apa...


Rani, can't agree more for no.3 and yeah,for images and designs as well..

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