Bimo's Wedding 1

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Today is the big day for Bimo. We woke up very early in the morning, since we had to arrive at the venue at 5.30am to dress up. Eyang putri bought Noe a set of Javanese traditional outfit, while uncle Eko bought a blangkon for Noe.

This is Noe killing time while waiting for the ceremony to begin.

This is the cheat sheet for the groom to recite the wedding oath.

This is the row of beautiful ladies that bring gifts to the bride. Can't you believe it that my hair and make up weren't done yet?

Busy committee members.

Bimo reciting the wedding oath using the cheat sheet.

The parents are happy but sad to have to let go of their only son into adulthood.

Through the eye of the camera.

They're legally husband and wife now. He may kiss the bride.

Posing for the camera.

He inserts her ring.

And vice versa.

A sign of respect and obedience.



waaa... Noe luthu banget pake blangkon *kisses*

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