Bimo's Wedding 2

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After the religious wedding oath ceremony, the event continued with javanese traditional wedding ceremony.

The groom arrived at the bride's "house" and ushered into the chamber. The groom stepped on an egg and the bride wiped the mess out.

This is to signify that the husband ought to give all his money to the wife, and the wife have to manage the money well.

Now the bride and groom are feeding each other.

Then the bride and groom went to pay respect to the parents, through a deep bowing gesture. This marked the end of the javanese ceremony.

Then we're all having fun! This is Noe with uncle Arif

Our family photo in modern javanese outfit

This is Hang Jebat Gang with the grandparents.

This is the Hindros Boys.

This is Anggi family.

My husband was tasked as the MC of the day. In such formal occassion, he suddenly appears not as funny as he used to be. I guess he was nervous, stage fright.

After the wedding, we went to Kebon Nanas to see my parents new tiny home (yep all the kids are out of the house so now they live in this tiny studio apartment). We decided to visit Nana who lives just across the road. She bought us four packet of Nasi Goreng from a peddlar outside of her house, very spicy and really nice. Even Noe liked it! After that, we just hang around her house and chat. When Noe saw the swimming pool at Nana's house, he immediately run toward the pool, and I had to fold my trouser and joined him into the pool. How fun! Later in the evening, Nana and her boyfriend Endra drove us back to Bintaro. We were really tired after such a long day. Tomorrow we'll be leaving Jakarta back to Singapore.


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