My Birthday

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It's my birthday! don't have to say how old i am, ever since I became older than 24 year old, I started to become anxious about my age.

Of course, Indi was preparing a nice surprise for me: coffee cake at midnight. But too bad, I was wide awake until midnight and I managed to intercept Indi's preparation for the mission. Nevertheless, we were having a really great time.

The birthday present from the Hang Jebat Gang was really nice: a set of motorola handy-talkie (suitable for a gadget freak like me) and shopping vouchers. Also, specially from Noe: West Side Story Musicals ticket, at the best spot in the theater. Great! Thanks very much!

Also I really liked this photo that Indi took using natural morning light:


Happy Birthday

Happy belated birthday. :)

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