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We haven't been posting new entries recently because we're in Indonesia right now and connectivity is very limited. But Noe just said something that surprised me that I couldn't resist to post to the blog right now.Noe has seemed to develop his language capabilities recently, but it did not appear clearly as an adult language. I mean, he makes sounds, but we didn't know to what extent it represents a language as we (adults) know it. So far I tried to interpret the sounds that he made such as:

  1. mamamama..: asking for milk
  2. wawawawa...: asking for water to drink
  3. a-a-a .. : asking for food

As a person with a great interest in foreign language, trying to dechiper baby talk is really fascinating.

Also, Noe clearly shows effort in imitating sounds that we adults made, for example, when I said "ibu", he would say "i-brrr", and when I said "bapak" he would say "baba". When I said "dog" he would continue with "dotch", and "fish" as "tisch". But this only happens when we said something before he does.

But this morning something suprising happened.

When Noe was playing with Eyang Putri, out of the blue he pointed at me and said "I-brrr".

I was so happy!
It seemed clear that he grasped the concept of the word "Ibu" and embodied it as "me - the Ibu, the mother"
It was really rewarding!

However aside to that one time incident he hasn't said it by himself again. Perhaps I had to patiently say words to him so that he would consistently learn the context of the particular words.



hehehee..... ntar aBis kita2 nyang di NUS UJian...bakar2 ya di rumah huehueheu.....

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