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We went for a session in driving range again, and this time Dhana and Qika joined us. As usual, I chased Noe all over the place while the father is practicing golf. Later I managed to hit 50 yards using a PW for about ten balls in a row while Indi was taking a break. We had chicken porridge and cheese crepes for breakfast, with bottles of Teh Botol.

In the afternoon Menik came to Indis house to play with Noe. It turned out that Menik too needed to buy new sandals for the wedding. So off we went to Pasaraya Blok M and it was crowded. After digging through rows and rows of shoes racks, we found super discounted shoes. It has been discounted three times from the original price. Perhaps it is an outdated model, but heck, its cheap.

BTW, Indi gave me a pair of handy-talky push-to-talk Motorola as my birthday present (cmon, its a romantic gift! Im a gadget freak, you know! And this HT can go as far as 8 miles, it claims). And here in Pasaraya, while Indi is baby sitting, and while me and Menik were looking for shoes, the HT came in really handy in preventing us to be separated in such a crowded store.

After buying the shoes, Menik continued to look for wigs, and the Pasaraya salesgirl told us to go to the market outside Pasaraya. So we walked there (bear in mind that I was carrying 10kg Noe all the time). Finally we managed to find a nice curly wigs for Menik.

Since we finished our shopping rather early, we decided to find a place to eat during tea time, and so we went to Bakmi Gajah Mada! As usual, I ordered Bakmi Spesial Pangsit Goreng and orange juice. Noe was really happy roaming around in the restaurant, pushing chairs around. Luckily there were not many customers at that time, so Noe was able to run around freely. Noe too likes Bakmi GM so much. This is his first time learning to eat noodle.

After having Bakmi GM we found Rotiboy Stall at the basement of pasaraya so we decided to buy some to take home. Heck the price was the same as Singapores roti boy!

That night I was supposed to visit my dad in hospital. But it turned out that my dad decided not to admit himself to the hospital very soon. So we cancelled our plan to go to hospital. Instead, we watch golf while eating Pisang Goreng Pasir Pontia (Sand-Banana Fritters) brought by Anggi. Basically its just an ordinary banana coated with tempura batter. For me, the tempura batter was too thick. Im used to eating banana fritters with thin fried batter coating, which has a more prominent banana taste.


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