Shower Ceremony

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It's Bimo's shower ceremony, a traditional Javanese purification rite held one day before the wedding ceremony. I would let the photo essay talks.

This is the prayer session.

This is Ibu Tuti arranging flowers for decoration. She's really good in this!

Meanwhile, the cousins were preparing waterbaloon to sabotage the ceremony. This is Tori, Yodhi, and Arif.

Bimo bowed down to the parents to express his gratitutes.

Seeing the ceremony through the camera lens.

Here's the shower ceremony.

This is ablution ceremony.

Tante Happy broke up the kendi (pecah pamor).

Selling traditional drink "dawet"

The parents released a rooster signifiying releasing the son to adulthood.

The food was really excellent! This is roast goat from Haji Ishak.

Noe for the first time was wearing traditional javanese hat "blangkon", here's pictured with Evan and Qika.

Finally after the ceremony is over, it's time for song and dance.

Don't forget to throw the waterbaloon and shampoo at the groom!


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