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It really tastes better than Kecap Bango

See wikipedia on Kecap.

Kecap Purwodadi
Mrs. Oei Hok Hoo or Ms. Eniwati
Toko Wijaya Baru, CV Sarana Cipta Kasih
Jalan Siswa, Purwodadi
Central Java
Phone: +62 292 22722

We went to Swike Purwodadi restaurant after finishing our driving range session. I have been craving for Swike for months, and the frog legs cuisine in Singapore has never been as good as swike purwodadi.

Kecap Purwodadi OHH. Sweet. Succulent. Halal. Content: 620 ml. Pure Soy Sauce. No Preservative. No Emulsifier.

In the restaurant, I found this brand of sweet soy sauce. What made me interested is that: this soy sauce is home made with all-natural ingredients. I became really curious about this soy sauce, and bought one bottle.

Original Purwodadi Soy Sauce: Produced in Traditional Manner. More Succulent and Tastier. Composition: Soy Beans, Coconut Sugar, Salt, Herbs. Halal.

Registered in Indonesian Ministry of Health. Produced by CV SCK, Purwodadi, Grobogan. Best Used before 13 July 2006.

Back in Singapore, I opened the bottle, and tested it. For me, the ultimate test for sweet soy sauce is to eat it with sunny side up egg and hot rice. If the soy sauce is good, this simple combination will taste lake heaven.

The next day, I tried to test the soy sauce again using grilled lamb shank. A good soy sauce would complement the meat taste without overpowering it. The recipe is very simple, and the simplicity of the recipe really augments the natural goodness of the soy sauce. Marinate the lamb with sweet soy sauce for one hour and grill it up to medium. Eat it with hot rice and a small bowl of "sambal kecap" (sweet soy sauce mixed with chopped shallot, chopped tomato, chopped chili, and a few drops of kaffir lime juice). It's such a minimalist cuisine.

I'm always interested in such hidden gem in food and cuisine. In this age, you can easily find factory produced soy sauce in supermarket. That's why, once I stumble upon home-made soy sauce, I became really enthusiastic about it, for example, as written by Chubby Hubby about IFFA home made soy sauce in Malaysia.

Anyway I decided to find out more about this Kecap Purwodadi and found an article about it, which I would try to translate and summarise it (very quickly so I hope I could be as correct as possible).

Soy Sauce Seller with no Bullshitting

When you visit Grobogan Regency (Central Java), your trip is incomplete without a purchase of original Purwodadi sweet soy sauce. It's sweet, succulent, high in protein, and highly affordable.

For a local of Grobogan, the soy sauce is part of their daily life. The sauce, manufactured by Mrs. Oei Hok Hoo (76) from Toko Wijaya Baru, CV Sarana Cipta Kasih, Jalan Siswa, Purwodadi, has been known since 1930, previously known as Potret brand soy sauce, according to her first daughter, Eniwati (51).

With five employees, Mrs. Oei produced 480 bottles of soy sauce everyday using simple manual technique, by hand. There's no sophisticated automatic machine here.

In the production area, there are some buckets to store the main ingredients (black soybeans, sugar and salt). Those ingredients are boiled in a big container that is shaped like a big wok. For 480 bottles, they use 50kg of soybean, 100kg of coconut sugar, and 10kg of salt.

"It takes one week to produce the soy sauce, due to fermentation process. The fermented bean is then soaked into salt solution", she said.

After soaking in salt, the soy concentrate is formed. This concentrate is mixed with coconut sugar to make sweet soy sauce.

The soy sauce is then packaged in glass and plastic bottles at 620ml each, and priced around 90 cents (USD) or 1.2 dollar (SGD).

In 75 years of its existence, Oei family has never aggressively marketed their soy sauce through mass media. However, the locals of Grobogan can't live without it.

Without marketing, Oei family business thrives until now. Especially during festive season such as Hari Raya, demand for Oei's Soy Sauce would tripled compared to its average.

"The demand could get as high as 1500 bottles, hence we needed to open the shop and keep producing soy sauce even when it's public holiday", Eni said.
(Originally written for Suara Merdeka by Aris Mulyawan-91)




i am reading your write about kecap purwodadi. well, i come from purwodadi but now work in Yogya. you from Purwodadi, but live in Singapore, something like that?


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