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Yay! have received approval for "Gmail for your domain" beta! I found out about it from James Seng, like, so long after it has been launched (in february). Nevertheless, I tried to apply as beta tester during the last week of may for six email accounts, and three days later, I got approval for 25 accounts. Yup, this means, I gotta make 22 more babies in order to utilise the quota to the full extent. I won't put screenshots, there are many of them online already.

What are the benefits?

  • Two Gigabytes of email space, not including trash and spam folder, and not adding any burden at all to my hosting provider
  • Better spam filtering, centralised at google. Previously, using smartermail at, the spams were only filtered by adding SPAM-HIGH header in the subject field. Now, spams are thrown away to spam folder without adding more burden to the 2 GB quota
  • Labels and tags filtering
  • POP access, without having to delete those mails in the gmail server
  • Web access and mobile access
  • Sort based on conversation / threads

What are the downsides?

  • Contact list is not in-sync with my outlook and/or plaxo
  • Quirky keyboard shortcut: There's no delete keyboard shortcut
  • When pressing delete button, the view panel does not go to the next unread mail, but back to the inbox. So, I needed to go back and forth between the view panel and the main inbox.
  • Privacy issues (maybe). Gmail put ads in context of the conversation. Also, Indi's immediate reaction is that he's worried about his emails getting read by google server and CIA. But I say, we don't really have privacy, now that almost everybody has their web based emails such as yahoo, hotmail, or whatever. Basically I'm not really worried about that (yet).

However, the MX migration hasn't been smooth. I tried to change the MX by myself but the propagation takes quite a while, so I emailed support, and guess what they did, they RESET the MX back to the old setting. So I changed the MX again, but somehow there was still problems (I kept getting error message while checking Bananars domain as well, requesting 200 email accounts. The next day, I got approval from google for 200 emails! And this time around, the MX modification only took place three hours. Great, now the alumni of Unpar Architecture school can have customised lifetime email account!

There, my brief review of Gmail for your domain.

My mood today: really disappointed with someone, and furious over an allegation. But I guess the good thing is that I find out a true colour of a person, who is conclusively and regretfully not a true friend. Sigh I guess better have only few true friends that many fake ones. Also, I feel really bad for unable to fulfil some promises to some people. Basically my mood was quite low after such a hectic week of exams, assignments, and flu viral attack to the whole family.


hmm kalau merubah MX records

hmm kalau merubah MX records kira2 butuh waktu minimal 24 jam, setelah itu bisa , kalau bisa kirim gak bisa nerima mungkin ada settingan yang belum lengkap, coba merujuk ke hostingan Anda ,

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