Have you been to Argentina or Cuba?

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The great thing about having your own website (or blog) is that you could also post your question and, hopefully, get genuine responses.

So, please allow me to ask you some questions (you can respond in comment section):

1. Have you ever visited Argentina?
If so, which cities/places did you visit?

2. Have you ever visited Cuba?
If so, which cities/places did you visit?

It would be greatly appreciated if you could share your experiences as we are planning to make a family trip to those countries sooon.


Provided I don't get

Provided I don't get pregnant .. :>

Never been to both countries before :)

Was wondering why you chose those countries, among some other countries, for your next family holiday trip? :)

while Castro still rules

while Castro still rules Cuba..

Sounds as if you might be

Sounds as if you might be considering a second child soon? Wow. I imagine you with a big family, but still not having children right now it seems so...wow. Cuba and Argentina! Those are both countries way up on my list to visit, especially Cuba before Castro dies. Our problems are limited ways to access Cuba with out flying all over the place (I have commented quite often that I feel trapped in this silly big country-really it is difficult to get out by plane maybe, I should try a boat?) and limited vacation time. Work addicted Americans. And we are just about to start construction on a house for ourselves. But please keep us posted on the trip!!!!! Might just join you while you are on this side of the globe!


You are very fortunate that you can count on the means and travel facilities that can afford you to visit my country...think of the Cuban nationals who wish to vacation abroad, (not even speaking of migrating) but are not allowed to do so by your much admired Castro. Think of their frustration and anger when they try to visit the restaurants, hotels and other attractions reserved for tourists in their own country, and are denied entrance.

You are also very fortunate to be able to vote for the candidates of your choice, from amongst different parties and/or groups in order to ensure a secure and happy future for yourself and family...imagine the people of Cuba who have not had a choice in 45 years plus, simply because Castro is the one and only on the Cuban ballott.

Last but not least, you are very fortunate to be able to remodel your home...the people of Cuba have no means or materials to do so, not because of the US embargo, but because their dictator and other leaders have misused and mismanaged their interests and resources.

I understand that these are not things many people are aware of, but I do hope you can now visit Cuba with open eyes and open mind.

Best of luck


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