Indonesia in World Cup Final

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Indonesia has been in World Cup final. My bro Yodhi pointed me out to a BBC article that provides that fact. It was the World Cup Final in 1974. Take a look at the article in BBC website, see if you can find Indonesia
Have you found Indonesia in the article yet?
The article was about a british referee Jack Taylor, who was on duty during the final match between West Germany and Holland. In order to start the match, he tossed a coin into the air. This particular coin happens to be a 1974 Indonesian coin. I did not believe it either, but Yodhi pointed me out to the details of the photo below (The photo was taken from BBC website, resized 300 percent, and triple-sharpened in Photoshop).

Except for resizing and sharpening, the photo was not manipulated at all. Can you see a Garuda in there? It's clear that Indonesia had played a very important role during 1974 World Cup Final!



Haha.. was surprised to see the coin! Btw, I searched Wikipedia and found out, coincidentally, that 1974 was the year where Indonesia returned to the World Cup.

Here is the quote from Wikipedia:
"Indonesia, under the name Dutch East Indies, was the first Asian team to participate in the FIFA World Cup when they qualified in 1938. But a 6-0 loss in Reims to eventual finalists Hungary remains the country's only World Cup match. In 1958, the team tasted their first World Cup action as Indonesia in the qualifying rounds. They got past China in the first round, but subsequently refused to play their next opponents Israel.

Indonesia suffered a long hiatus from FIFA World Cup since 1958 due to an unfavourable political situation - both internally and externally. Then in 1974, Indonesia returned to the fold but did not get past the first round."

Indonesia, Kapan jadi juara Asia

Gak usah jauh-jauh, Indonesia di Asia Tenggara aja Banyak kalahnya??? abis gimana pemainnya lebih suka main tawuran dari pada memperbaiki skillnya

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