1 Aug - Train to Maine

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Noe woke up around 3 am crying and looking for Bapak. I tried to put him to sleep again but he was so jetlagged and couldn't sleep. So we decided to spend some time eating popcorn at the dining hall. I made a skype phone call from my PDA phone only to discover Indi who was so worried about my well being. I also wrote my blog entry.

About 5am I went to wash clothes at the laundromat, and then went out for a stroll. It turned out that the hostel is very close to Berklee College of Music. Noe had fun chasing pigeons on the pavement and we went to a playground nearby that has a beautiful murals


We then return to the hostel to finish up the laundry and call United Airlines office. The lady over the phone told me to come to the airport to change the return date. I left my luggage and stroller in the Hostel and just take Noe in the baby bjorn to the airport. Gosh he was heavy! He slept all the way to the airport. After I finished changing the return date to 9 august, he woke up, so we immediately head back to the Hostel by train. We then had breakfast in the hostel: muffin and bagel with free flowing coffee, much needed to start a new jetlagged day.

At 11am we checked out the hotel and took the T rain to north station. Although nobody helped us with the luggage, we managed to get everything down the staircases, by taking it one at the time. First, I brought down the suitcase, and next, the stroller. Noe and the backpack were strapped to me at all time.

Luckily, North Station has elevator, so we didn't have difficulty with the luggage. I had the Amtrak ticket issued at the counter and then looked for a nearest restaurant, guess what.. it was a McDonalds, again. I ended up buying a quarter pounder and fries, which Noe had for lunch. How unhealthy. We also met this really friendly elderly couple and an jamaican lady with her polite son.

At noon, the Downeaster Amtrak train arrived and we immediately boarded. Along with me was a mother from texas with two kids (Emma, and I forgot the boy's name), and a man from New York. The friendly amtrak lady ushered us to the disabled section, so we had plenty of space for the kids to play.


Soon after the train departed and the kids started to take out all the toys to keep themselves busy. Noe immediately mingled with them and played along. Later, a baby girl who was born on 12 March named Emily, joined the group. Emily's mum takes Amtrak regularly to Wales, Maine, to visit Emily's grandparents. Basically, three mothers with kids traveling in amtrak without their husbands set up a childcare on board the Downeaster. How funny.

Emily and her mum got off at Wales, while Emma, her brother, and her mum got off at Old Orchard Beach. With nobody to play with, Noe fell asleep. However, we had to get off only 20 minutes from Old Orchard Beach, and I had to wake Noe up. At that time, Noe reached the peak of his tiredness and was throwing the biggest tantrum ever, and was crying unconsolably. Even breastmilk couldn't calm him down. Diane York (Indi and Yodhi's former host mother) who picked us up in the airport seemed concerned with the situation. We decided to just drive off as quickly as possible so that we could find a more comfortable place for Noe in Diane's house.

True enough, once we arrived at Diane's house, Noe calmed himself down and started to play with Bella the cat. The tiny house is situated by the sea with a small beautiful well-maintained garden. We gave Noe a quick immerse in the bath and let him run around naked because the weather was really hot. Diane showed us the various baby plates and cups used by her family, and also showed us the photos of Indi, Yodhi, and Joanna. She also told us stories about her event management business.

At around 4pm Dana came to lend us the baby car seat. She advised us that babies would immediately fall asleep when put into the car seat. Dana remembered Indi, Bapak Hindro, and Ibu Tuti very well, because they all stayed at her house during Joanna's wedding. At that time, she only has one daughter, but now she has another one. She is such a kind and cheerful lady with a strong voice.

We then drove to Freeport, Maine, to Wilbur's of Maine (chocolate factory). True to what Dana had said, Noe immediately fell asleep in the car seat. In the chocolate factory, I bought a pack of commando style camouflage chocolate malted balls.


From there, we drove to Wilbur's residence in a peninsula near Freeport. It seemed to me that all people in Maine have houses with their backyard facing the sea.


Tom and Catherine Wilburs (the owners of the chocolate factory) made salad, grilled hamburger, and grilled corn for dinner. It was really fresh and delicious. We had discussions about student exchange programs, about babies, families, and our upcoming trip to Mexico and Cuba. In the mean time, Noe slept peacefully on the Sofa, and the Wilbur grilled some hamburger for him too.


When Noe is awake we took shower and continued our sleep in the beedroom.


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