Happy Birthday, Google!

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I did not realize that Google is 8 years old already. Time goes by so fast when we are having fun!

I can still remember the first time I used Google back in 1998 when my MBA classmate Leonard Tan (a super smart IT expert based in Memphis, TN) told me all about it. When he first mentioned the name Google I thought he was just kidding. I said to Leonard, "Boy, you must have been watching too many movies!". But once I get hooked up, my trust with Google has made me unfaithful to any other search engines like Altavista, MetaCrawler or anything else for that matter. I think there was one point in 1998 when I said, "Hasta la visa, Altavista!"

Since then, Google has changed the way I learn about everything starting from home cooking to car repairs to romance to business and travel.

Happy Birthday, Google!

PS: Thank you for letting me search for information about a woman by the code name "Meutia Chaerani".


blognya keren..aku add di blogku ya...*O*

blognya keren..aku add di blogku ya...*O*

Cinta cap google

Ternyata cinta cap google tho?


Hi Indi

"highly unattractive black-skinned buck-toothed Indonesian maid/wife"

It was a joke on a rather racist article here:



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