Thaksin and His Sins

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I was just about to fall asleep in Shanghai's Yangtze Hotel (11pm on 19th September) when CNN broke the news about Thai military tanks patrolling all over the city of Bangkok. I immediately turned the volume up to see what was happening when UN General Assembly was in session (and I also heard Thaksin had already left the room when Koffi Anan made his opening remarks).

I believe most of you have already read the Reuters or CNN version on the Coup d'état (or 'kudeta' as we'd like to call it in Indonesian) After reading so many different stories about the chronology, I felt that the one that Scott Rosenberg wrote for Monsters and is a very appealing one.

He wrote:
"Thaksin Shinawatra may have planned the entire coup."

Want to know more? Just read it here.

Anyways, why do I need to worry about Thaksin's politics when I already found a set of Mao style green communist comrade outfit complete with the hat from the Cultural Revolution era at Dongtai Lu Shichang earlier today. My lovely wife Rani would love it!


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