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Do you know how to get rid of chettle? Or, does it bother you to have a keevil when white notley is dangling from your ears?

I kid you not! This may be the new lingo you must master if you want to survive while adopting new technology.

If you like the way The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy is portrayed, you should read Jeremy Wagstaff's Loose Wire. He will teach you how to get rid of chettle.

We received a complimentary copy from the publisher last night (minus Jeremy's autograph). Although I have only read the first sections but I already started acting funny. Since last night I have been telling my wife, "Rani, what's wrong with me? I am only reading this book but is this an audiobook? Where is that voice coming from?". Believe me, I feel like Jeremy is reading it to me line by line. The way he wrote this book is just like he'd would have spoken to you verbally, with the same English mannerism and tempo that is so.. Jeremy. Amazing! Is it because I have listened too much of his podcasts? Maybe so.

Stay in school, read Loose Wire.


Can i borrow ze bookkkkk????

Can i borrow ze bookkkkk????

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