3 January: Noe's Recovery

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A Park in Miramar where Buena Vista Social Club was Shot

In the night Noe was still feverish, so we had to give him ibuprofen which we brought from Singapore. Luckily the medicine worked fast.

In the morning We took a stroll along 5th Avenue in Miramar and played in one of two parks between Calle 24 and 26 with shady banyan trees and marble gazebo. This park is where Ruben Gonzales was interviewed for Buena Vista Social Club documentary by Wim Wenders. It is more beautiful than the one we saw in the video. We tried to make Noe play in the park but he hasn't totally recovered so he got tired very easily.


We decided to just walk back. On our way we bought bought bread for breakfast at Pain de Paris.

Decision to Cancel the Trip to the Province and to Stay in Havana

In the late morning, Tia and Puput went for shopping with Indi and Yodhi, who joined the gang to get money to pay for the campervan. Fuente drove Eko's car for shopping. I went back home to accompany Noe at home.

Later in the afternoon Eko came with the news that the Campervan was not available. We were confused because yesterday the campervan guy said that there were vans available. Well, nothing is easy in Cuba, and the campervan staff yesterday might only wanted to whisk us away from his office as soon as possible. Nothing is easy in Cuba.

Then Indi and Yodhi came back with the news that they decided not to get cash advance because the commission charge was so hefty. It was eleven percent charge, even though our bank was not US based bank. Eko told us that eleven percent is not so bad for cuban standard, because, if we took cash advance from US dollar, we would've been charged twenty percent. That same charge is applicable for credit card payment as well. It is very confusing for us.

So, with the situation of Noe's fever, and of not getting campervan or cars. and of difficulty getting cash, we decided to cancel our plan to go the provinces. We opt for staying in Havana for the rest of our stay. Besides there were a lot to see in Havana anyway.

In the evening, Yodhi joined Eko's family to attend a party at Ibu Feria's house. Meanwhile we pack up dinner from the restaurant of Son de la Madrugada, which consisted of fried chicken and fried potato.


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