4 January: Around Miramar

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Looking for Museum in Miramar

We tried to visit the Maqueta dela Ciudad and Ministry of the Interior Museums but they cost too much for tourist, and we're not eligible for diplomatic rate. The museums looked interesting though, especially the Ministry of the Interior Museum, which listed all the efforts to assasinate Fidel (in spanish though). So we just walked around Miramar


Black Market

We then bought a few bottles of Anejos Blanco (for making mojito) and Especial for discounted price at a black market which we can't disclose the location due to safety reason of the shopowner. The blackmarket shop is located in a dodgy building in a dodgy neighbourhood. The shopowner was doing all the business from behind a steel bar, because he wanted to avoid shoplifting by forbidding customer to get too close to the goods. The rum we bought was almost half of the official price in the government rum shop. Perhaps the ones that are sold in the blackmarket are stolen from the factory.


Making Mojito

In the afternoon we visited Fuente's house and Puput asked for some mint leaves. Fuente and his wife were very hospitable and he even invited us for lunch at his house. Fuente is also very proud with his Indonesian Embassy tshirt.


Later, Puput demonstrated how to make a good mojito. Meanwhile, Noe had rashes coming out at his face, and this confirms that he had roseola viral infection. The rash also signified the last phase of the viral disease, so we could plan to have more exciting excursions around Havana for the following days.


Watching Sunset at Calle 14

Around 5pm we went to the beach at the end of Calle 14 to watch sunset. Noe was completely feeling mejor although the sound of crashing waves scared him a bit too much.



For dinner we tried to visit Paladares nearby but could not get a table. Finally we had dinner at Pan.Com, simple sandwiches nothing extraordinary. The service is unusually fast, though.

Hung out with Eko on the roof and had midnight supper courtesy of Tia and Puput, and we were sharing ghost stories.


first try

i'm trying to leave the comment now, Ran...hopefully it works.
i've been reading the stories since december, but haven't been able to finish them, you guys have so many to tell! great adventure!

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