Sailboat Charters in Indonesia - Operated by Non-Indonesians

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I thought I should share with you a list of sailboat charters for you scuba divers or surfers for Indonesia. Below are some of the charter sailboats that I have found on the internet. Surprisingly, most of these attractive boats are operated by... well... Non-Indonesians! Yes, they seem to be the ones who can sell great tourism ideas to foreigners and serve them well.

We Indonesians must learn from them and that also means we ought to appreciate our seas much more.

Here is my list of wonderful charter sailboats out there (not in order of importance):

  • Freedom (shown above) has been taking surfers on their sexy 40 feet catamaran around Mentawai for 5 years and has a passion for perfect waves. Surf's up!
  • Nomad Surfers operates a 72 ft classic wooden cuter built 1971 at Sangermani, Italy from port of Padang (West Sumatra) and travels for about 100 miles West (1-2 days sailing) before reaching Mentawai island for some divine waves.
  • Strictly Business uses a 58 feet motor-sail catamaran operated by John Bowden also for Mentawai island.
  • Bohemian operates a 50 feet aluminum catamaran built to survey in Australia by owner/operator Steve Bridge and starts from North Sumatra for surfing trip.
  • Java Sea Charters' Cecelia Ann is a 60 feet wooden ketch rigged sailing boat going around Java Sea or Sunda Straits.
  • Waka offers a trip on their 52 feet sailing catamaran in Bali: from Benoa harbour to Lembongan island or Candidasa.
  • Duyung (shown above) is a traditional wooden Bugis pinisiq/phinisi sail boat built in 1998 on the island of Sulawesi/Tanaberu. They take divers to Selayar, Takabonerate and Komodo Island. Takabonerate is the biggest Atoll in Indonesia and the third biggest in the world.
  • Bali Hai Cruises in Bali offers a good experience on 64 feet catamaran from Benoa Harbour to the idyllic isle of Lembongan, off the south-east coast of Bali.
  • Sri Noa Noa is a 46 feet wooden schooner licensed to carry 6 passengers for cruising originating at Benoa Harbor, Bali to Lombok/Sumbawa/Flores/Komodo. It seems like a seaworthy one that can take you as far as Roti for surfing - that is, if you have 10 days to spend.
  • Adelaar, a 124 feet ketch that with a capacity to carry 14 passengers in 7 cabins together with 10 all-Indonesian crew members - it seems that it is one the best managed out there. This vessel has an interesting story because it was originally built in 1902 in Holland to carry traded goods to the Baltic Sea. During World War II it was confiscated by German military, had its masts removed and converted into diesel boat to transport war logistics supply. In 1981, the Adelaar was bought by its present owner, restored and brought to cruise around the world. In 1992 she was extensively renovated for charters and is now sailing in Indonesia starting from Benoa Harbor, Bali.

Now I dream of having my own sailboat and run a charter around Indonesia with Rani and Noe.

Care to join me? Something like Freedom catmaran above would be nice to start with. Maybe something between 36-40 feet one? If you want to work that cash of yours into this business let me know and we should talk.


sailing diving charter

I m owner of sailboat willing to come in indonesia doing such kind charter
if you are interested sharing or ,helping us to do this kind of business in indonesia
let' talk
will be happy to have you onboard
email : skype possible

Jean Luc

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