Noe Indi and Rani as Actors

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The Breastfeeding Mothers Support Group Singapore assigned me to take part in a documentary film program on Breastfeeding. Not that I have a beautiful actress's face, heck, I never even use lipstick in my daily life! I was assigned because I had experienced many problems related to breastfeeding during the first few weeks of Noe's life. So in this documentary I had to share my experience to overcome those problems.

So, last weekend the crews from megamedia (Hazel, Shereen and another lady which I forgot the name) came to my house to do a shooting. It was semi-scripted with interview segments. I had to reenact the situation when I had mastitis. It was real fun!

The day before I cut my hair in an effort to look fresher and sportier. Hope it had worked.


Then the crew came with lots of heavy equipments. The whole production crews are women, because they're gonna shoot bare breast mommies, and some mommies may be too embarrassed to be bare-breasted to male crews. Shereen, the cameralady, is very experienced and really strong. She lug the 10+ kg camera (worth 100K dollars) with her everywhere she goes.

The first scene to be shot is Noe eating breakfast. Knowing his fussiness, I had to make several kinds of breakfast: fried rice with salmon, butter toast, fried sausage, and a plate of koko krunch, all in separate plates, to let Noe chose which plate he wanted to eat. Unfortunately that morning Noe preferred to eat Koko Krunch (an unhealthy breakfast). The whole crew tried to encourage Noe to eat salmon fried rice instead, and they managed to catch a few minutes of footage of him eating the rice.


Anyway, it was really difficult to shoot an active toddler. Noe was easily distracted by the video equipment, and very much interested in the High-Def monitor. So the crew had to aim the monitor toward Noe so that he would stay still.


After the breakfast shot, we continued with shooting a scene where Noe played together with us. First, we played football and tennis. Then we continued with drawing cars on the magna-doodle. Then we played with toy cars. Lastly, we all made music together, Noe played castanets and danced to the rhythm of "Elmo's Song".


Then I had to pretend having mastitis. I put on thick sweater and blanket and pretended to be feverish. A thermometer was put into warm water in order to display 40 degree fever. It was a hot day, and I had to wear thick blanket and sweater!

Then Noe took a nap while I did the interview segment. At the later part, Noe woke up and joined the crew to monitor the interview. He understands that he shouldn't make any noise.


At last, in the late afternoon, we did an outdoor shooting. I had to pretend that it was the early stage of breastfeeding. We dressed Noe in a baby outfit, but he refused to breastfeed. at the end we resulted to use Maeischa Fox's doll which looks like a real baby, swaddled it and I pretended to breastfeed the doll. I had to act as if breastfeeding was really painful, but the situation was really funny that I couldn't cry at all. At least my expression showed that I was in pain.


Anyway, it was a fun experience to take part with this documentary.



Yes, you look fresh and sporty but I thought that's how you look anyway. And you don't look pregnant at all! Wondering if they had to made you up in order to look, like, 2 years younger, breastfeeding Noe. That must have been quite funny coz you don't really change since like 10 years ago.

Looking forward to our rujak session. :-)

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