Singapore NAVY Open House at Changi Naval Base

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Jendral Augie from Memphis is in town so we took him to
Changi Naval Base to see what it's like since Singapore Navy were having Open House 2007 for public to have an opportunity to have fun and get inside the ships.


(*Note: Our dear friend Thalia and her team drew this poster above. Axonometric - pixel by pixel)

It took us nearly 2 hours to get to the naval base from Singapore Expo Hall 1 where we had to be screened for security and lined up like school children. They apparently did not have enough shuttle buses to move so many people so that's why we had the pleasure of smelling five thousand different armpits.



When we got to the naval base we immediately had something for lunch, which was very expensive, and lined up to get aboard the newly commissioned stealth battleship RSS Formidable built in France. It's designed to appear as a small fishing boat when the enemy sees it in the radar over the horizon. It also runs very efficiently by 70 crew members instead of 120 for a similar sized vessel.




Aboard the ship, Noe had the opportunity to try the 1 dollar vending machine and had a ice-cold can of iced tea inside the galley. It was kinda cool to see a battleship from the inside. We could only took photos on the aft deck where the future Sikorsky helicopter would be able to land during missions.



What have we learned from this trip? A lot! Although we are not Singaporeans we were quite impressed to see such a massive build-up of grey metal on water. It's quite interesting to know that Singapore, being a country on a small island, has about 38 active battleships and Indonesia, with 17,000+ islands, only has about 116 or so (some are very old - bought from the former East German military). This list of Indonesian battleships is quite interesting. Some of them are outdated and perhaps... rusty! It's good to know that they are procuring some semi-stealth vessels from Europe like KRI Hasanuddin and KRI Diponegoro.

That's only for the seas. How about the air space above the seas? As far as fighter jets are concerned, Singapore runs (write this down!) 119 F-16s whereas Indonesia only has 12 (half of them are active). For spending, Singapore puts as much as about USD7 billion whereas Indonesia only puts USD1.3 billion.

If you compare the population sizes, Singapore has about 4 million souls while Indonesia has over 220 million.

Now can somebody tell me why Indonesia, which has 50 times more people to defend than Singapore does, can only spend one fifth of Singapore's military spending? Maybe Indonesians are lovers but not fighters? I'd like to think so :)



Hey nice article good clear pics..oh and i love the seas

Nice photos I have mixed

Nice photos

I have mixed feelings on displays of military hardware.
Part of me is impressed and also intrigued by the sophistication and military gadgetry and other part distressed by the death and destruction that will take place if they are ever used.

Ah well - fingers crossed they won't be


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