Botak Jones Cajun Guano

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I think God punished me yesterday for going to Botak Jones three times within one week.

Just when I was about to finish my cajun meal with Eddy and Alex (both are from the Lau clan but unrelated to Andy Lau), I felt like I had a mixture of mustard and mayonnaise splattering on my face. The hearty stuff went into my eye, my mouth and stained my shirt! I waited for a few seconds and licked the corner of my mouth. It tasted kinda... fresh. Perhaps too refreshing for something that come out of a bottle.

Then I found out that the mustard-cum-mayonnaise was a fresh pigeon dropping. What a Guano day!

PS: Someone told me that I should have bought Lottery tickets yesterday.


Botak Jones - adventure with the Pigeons

I was with this hero when the adventure took place and happened when he was staring sideways at a gal in black short mini skirt and see thru blouse, in violation of section 34DD.........

He got punished not for swallowing Botak Jones burger thrice in a week, its becos he was not paying attention to the serious business talk at that time...... serve him right.........Rani........spank him on his HEAD

M-m-m,... so yummy! Damn

M-m-m,... so yummy! Damn good, ain't it? ;)

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