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You readers may have known that we, Indi+Rani, don't have TV at home (many of you asked, "WOW, how do you manage to live without TV?" Then read this, this, this, and this.)

Well, that doesn't mean we don't have TV set, actually, there is one TV set in the living room (and that's not ours! That's Yodhi's TV Set which he bought for the world cup). But the TV set is only plugged into DVD player and not connected to an external antennae or cable network. So, beside video, there's no possibility for channel flicking in the TV set in our home.

The thing is, although we are disconnected from the TV network, we do not totally prevent Noe from watching videos in the TV set. Why do we prefer video to TV network? Because we want to have the power to choose programs and we don't want to be exposed to TV advertisements. So far, it worked well. We got ourselves various DVDs of kids shows ranging from Sesame Street series (love it), the Wiggles (initially hated it, but now loving it), Thomas the Tank Engine, Bob the Builder, Winnie the Pooh, and Barney (blech, yuck, hiss, but Noe loves it). We also got into the habit of accompanying Noe while he's watching his favorite DVD, to explain to him what's going on on the screen.

Besides DVD, Noe also loves watching video on youtube. He particularly loves Nascar race videos, music videos such as Daft Hands, anything with cars and balls.

We didn't realize that watching on-demand video led us to a small but interesting problem.

Yesterday, Noe went to Xmas party at our cousin's place. My dear cousin is a TV junkie, and he subscribes to cable network. Noe was instantly glued to the TV that was screening a car racing program. After 20 minutes, the program finished and continued to a different program, which was not car racing. Noe was confused and asked us agan, "Car again, car again!" We tried to make him understand that the car racing program has finished. But it didn't work, Noe began to cry and throw tantrum. We panicked, and started to flick channels to find other programs. Luckily there was one program that screened motor racing event. At first, Noe paid attention to this program, but after 15 minutes he began to ask us again, "Car again, car again". Again we tried to explain to him, that this TV was not playing video, and was unable to repeat or replay programs. Noe became really sad, he cried and threw tantrum again for quite a long time in front of the party guests. It all ended up with Noe vomited his breakfast, and we had to shower him in my cousin's bathroom. What a headache for me! Luckily, after shower he stopped asking for the car racing program and began to play with other kids.

In conclusion, Noe was very much used to having video at home that he could always ask us to replay programs. That is what he does with DVD and youtube. Hence, when he first encountered TV program, he couldn't understand why he can't choose the program he wants, and that TV program can't be repeated.

I hope now he understands the difference.


It's happened everywhere

I read the same experience a couple of days ago on someone's blog (I forgot the URL - I tried to look for it again). Involving the kids and the TV. And I think it

Yeah, it seems there is a new wave of generation who controlled their own media consumption. Welcome to the era of 'free of choice!'

Plus and Minus

WeWell there's always a positive and negative concept to these.. the negative part is like wat you've just mention...when it comes to other people's house when there's ACTUAL TV with connection to the cable and stuff...we cannot control our kid and tell the owner of the house "hey my son only watch videos" hehe.. and well as usual kids will throw tantrums and stuff..norm for shafiq too... well the positive side is we can control our kids with the tv programs, the things and stuff we want them to watch instead and we can control the negativity of it. But soon we hv to let them know and slowly let them undertand the meaning to TV... we can only control them at certain age ok....
For shafiq we usually time him when he watched is Cartoon Network fromt he cable. Not more than 30min from the cartoon network and no cartoon at's adult time at nite so no DVD nor movies anyting with KIDS stuff... well anyway shafiq loves racing and cars and skatebording and stuff fm AXN and the Sports Channel...but no harm to watch those rather than MTV..hehehe..

better DVD than tele

I can actually live without TV to be honest i think kids should be better off with videos as parents can control what they can watch instead of all the nonsense shown on tele lately. Even the news aren't suitable for kids to watch anymore.

NO tv...NO problem....

NO tv...NO problem....

I have Indi's old TV

Indi, my parents recently reminded me that I have your old TV and it's stored at their house! As our house gets finished soon they were reminding me of things I need to move from their house. I had forgotten that you gave me your TV before you moved!

We have a TV, actually a crazy large plasma screen that my husband bought last year. Strange thing is we don't have cable TV. So we have this huge fancy TV and only three chanels that we receive for free. We watch movies.

Not having children yet it's hard for me to know, but can you raise a child on no TV and no DVD's? or does this just not work? I just fear that if a child always needs this source of entertainment they will not know how to entertain themselves? Again I'm naive with no children so maybe this doesn't work. In my childhood I had little TV and it was before videos.

same here!

hey hey! nice to know this blog :)
anyways, i'm currently studying in melbourne and i used to have no tv at my apartment for the next 6 months! ppl were lyk "what the...?!" "how can u live without tv?!" but it was alrite. atm we're having one [we bought one last month] coz my housemates were longing for it and now u can see that we're stick with the tv. geez~

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