XL in Indonesia

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No, I am not talking about mobile phone services. I am talking about this organization called XL Results Foundation that claims to be successful in creating wealth for Asians. I heard about it from a Malaysian friend that is about to get recruited in Singapore to join them. My curiosity came out so soon and here is what I found out about them:

- Letter of complaint and petition: complaint against Roger Hamilton & Dave Rogers of XL Results Foundation Pte Ltd, www.resultsfoundation.com (a private limited company registered in Singapore Company registration: 200107729C)

- Wealth guru hits NZ: Allegations of unfair conduct and misrepresentation from dozens of disgruntled clients on two continents did not stop a self-styled "wealth consultant" peddling his wares to hundreds of Kiwis across the country last week.

I am not asking you to avoid XL. I am asking you to think first before you join XL and any organization alike.

PS: It is very easy to be lured by the notion of wealth, especially in Asia where wealth is not easily found. I sometimes get that, too. But lately, we have only chosen Warren Buffet as our source of inspiration for creating wealth.


XL in Indonesia

I've seen their programs and even attended a talk out of curiousity. Sounds like snake oil salesmen to me.

I think people who are vulnerable to suggestion and have a penchant for New Age answers, energy transfers, chakra openings, crystals and gazing at their navels to find answers to the universe will find them appealing.

Its the opiate of the times for the people.

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