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Finally after about 6 months, Kei's birth video is done into a 5 minutes short clip. See here:

While I was editing the video in Yodhi's mac, I went through a flashback of the labour process. It was just amazing and unbelievable that my body was just possessed by an unknown force. I didn't have any control of what's going on, and had to just surrender to the force. All that I could do is to concentrate and move along with the force, surrendering to the pain. And once it's all over, I trembled, shaken, breathless and tired like I had just gone through a marathon, even though I did not move my body much. All those energy spent to do a marathon are focused on contracting my womb to expel the baby.

You may ask, why such unconventional position to giving birth? Current medical procedure makes us believe that there is only two ways of giving birth: Lying down on labour bed or through cesarean operation. Such position are actually invented quite recently for the convenience of the doctors rather than to make it easy for the mothers themselves. Actually, you don't need to use the same position like you've seen in the movies, where the mother is lying down and the legs are lifted up in stirrups. I heard story from my sister in-law that the mothers of Papuan forest tribe would go into the forest, alone, and give birth in squatting position, just like going into squatting toilet. That makes sense, because I'd say, giving birth is somehow similar to expelling a very big poo or having a bad constipation. Ina May's book also show pictures of people giving birth in standing position, or in all-four position. My friend Bridge gave birth on a birthing stool in a semi-squatting position.

Anyways, I was able to stay in that position because the the doctor hasn't come yet. Side lying position was the most comfortable position for me that was able to slightly reduce the pain. All the nurses asked me to hold until the doctor came, but alas, Kei couldn't wait and decided to just slip through by himself. As I said, I didn't have any control of the whole process, my body just decide to give birth and I was just following my urge. At the end I gave birth without doctor's help.... the doctor only come 10 minutes after birth... but I was still charged doctor's delivery fee!

Now that's the painful part! Money doesn't grow on trees, you know!



Wah jadi keinget prosesi kelahiran Ryu Ran, sayang gak bisa di publish... too detail ! hehehhe.... dari kontraksi, pecah ketuban, jahit-menjahit, early lacth on, sampai adzan.... sangat meng-haru biru! tapi aku bangga sukses melahirkan NORMAL setelah yang pertama SC.... walau diragukan banyak org bisa melalui proses ini, but I did it !!!!
yang paling membanggakan.... sampai saat ini HANYA ASI TERBAIK buat Ryu, tgl 12 juni genap 1 tahun Ran...
salam sayang buat kei - noe !


Congrats on the birth of your son!!! God Bless you and your family. I wish you all the best-
Very nice video. Thank you for sharing. You and your husband both did really well!!!


huhuhu raniii, gw terharuuu... videonya bagus :-) mine is completely amateurish, was taken from one side only. thanks for sharing. kei is a beautiful baby boy.

ps, lo terlihat sangat kuat yah ran... gw sih udah jerit2 gitu ihihii...


wohoo, buat yang belum pernah punya anak ini bener-bener shocking. salut for posting this one.
congratulation yah, rani

Hmmm ...thought Indi

Hmmm ...thought Indi submitted resignation end of 2007 ..
How come now still in Sgp ? What happened to the move
back plan ??


btw, stelah liat videonya kok gw jd *ops* mikir 2 kali ttg pernikahan yah...huhuh

oh my, you manage to look

oh my, you manage to look sweet and dignified while giving birth!!! that is amazing, and very beautiful :-)

Rani and Indi, very well done! Good teamwork!

Seneeeng banget lihat Video ini, selamat sekali lagi ya. Good team work you too dear. Soundtracknya kayaknya kenal banget nich, pass buat video kelahiran Kei


duh mbak! jadi terharu liat video nya. jadi inget waktu melahirkan 4 bulan lalu. Aku juga melahirkan normal, pake hypnobirthing method dan senam hamil pula. Tapi pas prakteknya sich pake method sendiri, yg penting tetep tenang dan PD. Aku dan suamiku gak berani record it like Kei's. Soalnya mukaku berasanya berantakan semua dan kalo suamiku record it, rasanya pengen gampar2in org yg photo2 or rekam2 :D. Pokonya rasa sakitnya ilang begitu liat baby nya keluar dan saat inisiasi menyusui dini. Perjuangan gak sia2 deh ya mbak. Oh ya, thanks ya mbak dah posting "Breastmilk cheese". Liat stock ASI nya mbak Rani yg 3 liter itu, aku jadi semanget nge-stock ASI lagi deh. Soalnya waktu itu putingku lagi lecet dan jadi gak semangat menyusui. Udah gitu iklan susu formula di tv 'begitu menggoda' pula :) Tapi liat stock mbak yang gagal dibikin keju itu, aku jadi PD lagi memompa ASI :)


Ternyata prosesnya seperti itu ya,
baru tahu nih.


Rani & Indi, videonya bagus!! & thanks for sharing about the 'unconventional' position (or should we say, more natural?) Lagu TM ternyata cocok juga ya utk Kei. (itu lagu TM kan? hehehe... jangan2 nti dia masuk ars Unpar juga :p )

It's amazing!

waaah..aku terharu ngeliatnya, ampe nitikin aer mata gini. aku lg hamil 32 minggu, mudah2an nanti bisa lahir alami kya mba yaa. Mba, itu kok aku liat lahirannya miring ya? emang bisa ya? maap polos ama bodoh beda tipis huehehehe


While watching this video I remember my two children and my wife. Congrats!


i so nearly cried when i watched this. i'm such a sucker for births. haha.

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