Rick Astley Encounter in Jakarta

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Yodhi met with Rick Astley at Jakarta airport this morning en route to Singapore. Yodhi told Rick that he was such a fan and grew up with "Never Gonna Give You Up" song, which topped the U.S. singles chart on 12 March 1988.

Finally, he took a photo with Rick and recorded a special message frmo Rick to Anggi and Indi, who were playing doubles in a local tennis tournament in Cibubur this evening.

The clip:

The snapshot:
rick 20080803 crop

PS: Have you tried Rickrolling?.


Hilarious. What was he doing

Hilarious. What was he doing in Jakarta?

Rick Astley

Gosh, I envy Yodhi. I remember a few years ago he told me he met one of the Baldwin brothers. I better start taking flights with him, who knows who else he might encounter :D

Oh, I forgot!!!

among other famous dudes that Yodhi has met: Ramos Horta, Xanana Gusmao, William Baldwin, and now Rick Astley... talk about some lucky guy meeting all these famous people!

Keren abis!!

Keren banget, Hebat banget Yodhi!

damn ... how lucky

damn....this rick not just famous in 80's...this days he just build his reputation again. if i'm not wrong, he join the festival in singapore this august. that's why he in jakarta.
( http://www.dwitanayaphotography.com/blog/ )

Lucky bro!

Ah sial! gw ngelupain kesempatan itu! enak bnget vto breng ma Rick Astley! abis ini gw mo nge rick roll orang ah...!

Wow! Live Rickrolling!

Wow! Live Rickrolling! :D
This can start a whole new mémé!

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