Why we don’t blog as often as before

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Lately we are really slow in updating our website. My last entry was 2 months ago, while Indi’s was six months ago. Our main excuses are twofold: First our family goes through a series of change (both the kids and the parents), and secondly, we’re busy taking care our growing child. With one preschooler and one toddler, one can’t afford to sit down in front of the PC and concentrate on writing something.

Another excuse is that the internet is not the same as 3 years ago when we begin to blog. We began to blog in 2003, taught by our friend Iqbal Baskara, because we simply wanted to update family and friends in Indonesia and around the world with the news of our life in Singapore. At that time, not many people blogged. Hence, publishing our stories in the internet was largely a private matter, with only limited people knowing about the existence of our little family website.

Then more and more people began to blog too, and somehow indrani.net was dragged into the blogosphere thanks to merdeka.or.id (now defunct), planet singapura, pesta blogger, and also boingboing.net .Our writing style began to change, and we became more reluctant to write as we felt we had to please many people, and have to publish longer and more elaborate entries.

Concurrently, development of enhanced blogging / personal media platform began to provide more nuanced publishing means. We began to publish photoblogs at flickr. Have nothing much to say? Off to twitter or plurk we went. There are more choices for privacy too, like when we began to publish more private entries in multiply.com. Then come facebook, which was really compelling, because it provides various tools for different purpose: like photo tagging, status update for short blurbs, note tagging, and option to customize readability for each postings for specific target group of people.

The availability of these various tools drifted us away from indrani.net. Indi is still active online, but mostly on facebook.

Which brought us to rethink about indrani.net. We realize that our family and friends are all in facebook and they read more our status updates in facebook instead of in our website. That, makes the original intent of indrani.net less relevant today. Moreover, indrani.net lacks focus that makes outside reader difficult to relate to such diversity of the topics.

Actually there are many things we’ve been planning to write, but it’s all stuck in the draft form. Aside from not having the time to write, we’re also reluctant, because some topics may offend people. I feel, now, with more people accessing the internet, we’re not able to write as freely as before. Because of that, we publish less frequent, then because of that, we have less readers.

So, I don’t know where indrani.net is going, or whether it is still relevant nowadays. Actually I shouldn’t really care about it, since, again, it is our private family website, and we can write whatever we like there, and we shouldn’t really care about whether it’s still relevant, or whether it’s still have readership. We should write because we feel like writing, and perhaps we should be more disciplined to find time to write. Indeed, for me personally writing is a great exercise for my mind, and because of that, I write for myself and shouldn’t really care about readership or what people think about my writings.

In sum, I don’t have any plan. No plan to revamp indrani.net into something else. I will keep indrani.net as it is, and hopefully we’ll keep on writing. If you read our website, and is offended, or disinterested, or dissatisfied, just go away.



Interesting to read your last post as I share so many of your sentiments. We started a blog about our house construction and now that it is over we are having trouble finding our path. Many thoughts, but not sure of the direction to take with the blog. I've also struggled with being a private person yet exposing so much on a blog? How much is too much? Interesting thoughts and I'm glad you wrote about the cross roads of sorts.

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