Early Detection

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when the bomb finally blasted, it is easy to say that the perpetrators have mis-used religion, and people are quick to condemn. But the real question is, how do we detect the men and the ideologies which are on the course to transform themselves into bombers? most people don't have the guts to condemn them at that early stage. so how?


MSc Env Mgt Paper on Industrial Symbiosis

Hi Rani,
I was looking for an email add to write to but could not find any on your page. So I decided to write a comment to your latest blog entry.

I am currently pursuing Master of Architecture in NUS and am writing on the topic of Industrial Symbiosis and Industrial Clusters. I was wondering if we could meet to discuss this issue. I have read your dissertation from a copy shelved in the Information Resource Center (IRC) in NUS.

I understand that you had the opportunity to meet Dr Chertow and 2 personnel working at JTC for the purposes of your dissertation. I was wondering if you could oblige my request to meet you and/or people you consulted for your paper.

I apologize in advance for barging in like this and thank you for your kind attention. You may reply to my yahoo email as provided.

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