A Restart

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Guilty. Guilty as charged

This blog has been abandoned for one year.

Sad, sadness.

The last blog entry was done on 19 July 2009, the week that JW Marriott and Ritz Carlton was bombed, and my former boss’ life, Timothy Mackay, was taken away by the terrorist. I have been meaning to write about him too. And isn’t it sad, too, that my former colleague Benny Napoleon, 34 year old, passed away almost exactly one year after Pak Tim? Maybe it is timely to resurrect this blog again, but, why deaths have to mark the new beginning? I didn’t mean to be morbid, but it just so happen. The cycle of life starts again, also, for this blog again.

Setting aside the sad note now. ..

Busy, yes we have been busy.

Excuse us, we’re sorry. Somehow, writing has fallen far behind in our list of priorities. Indi really enjoys his new job, which he assumed since March last year. He has been posted in places far away from Jakarta and officially becomes a weekend husband. As for me, I started to work full time again, since May last year. Kids started schooling and spends afternoons in daycare close to home. It has been quite an adjustment to our lives. Now the dust has settled, more or less, perhaps we could try to write again? Maybe. But no promises. My little green writing-aide fairy seems to have flown away..

The thing with Jakarta, and Indonesia, is that we are blessed with proximity to family and friends. When not working, we are spending time with our families or friends. You see, previously we set up this blog to update our family and friends with our news from Singapore. Now, that we’re back in Jakarta, updating family and best friends are done over coffee, dinner, or nongkrong. And of course, the appeal of facebook and twitter has drawn us to present quick updates there, instead of spending a few hours writing articles for blogs. So, why are we resurrecting this blog again? Well, the blog used to be a close part of our life in Singapore, it’s just a shame to kill it. So… just because.

New Chapter, New Friends

For myself, starting to work full time is a new chapter of my life after five years being a full-time homemaker. In the course of adjustment, I get to know new friends who are exciting and admirable, and new best friends, such as L & D, who are so wonderful and precious that I hope the sisterhood would last forever. I only got to know L & D in the last few months, but enough for me to thank them for being friends who are trustworthy, non-judgmental, open-minded and sincere. Me, L & D shared the similarity of being a juggling-working mother of two boys under 7 and from the same horoscope group – The Fire. The difference is that I met L in my first job and D in my second job.

L was in the same team as me in my first job, where we both tasked to do the impossible job of executing an international event in a timeframe of less than four month. At first, she was skeptical that she could work with me, partly due to internal office politics. But then we realized that we both fell into the same trap of challenge that no matter what, we needed to get the project done. In the course of the project, our similarities in life and complementarities created connections that translate into a sisterhood. As it was my first job after a long hiatus, I was very much clueless, but L is the one who untiringly reintroduced me to the nuts and bolt of getting things done in a corporate setting, showing me ways of being street smart and how to get things done. Not only that, she would also go an extra mile to execute things well and spent time to help me getting organized. In this day and age where people prefer to save their own asses in the mercy of other people’s failure, L is a rare breed. We spent long hours in the office together. She is known in the office as Madam L for her uncanny ability in giving unsolicited tips on love life and sex, but deeper than that, she is a loving mother and devoted wife.

When the impossible job was completed (quite successfully I hope), I moved on to my next job where I met D. Joining a mammoth institution with an established working environment, was not easy for two freshmen like us. Starting out by the urge to avoid the pressure of conformity, we established a trusting friendship with a few other friends. With D it evolved into sisterhood since we found out that our lives are so untypical compared to the mainstream, that we easily understand each other. As I got to know her, D does not cease to amaze me, and I consider her as a role model. While she’s witty and cheerful, she is certainly one of the toughest women I know, having gone through a lot in life that I cannot imagine myself going through. And because of that, I know that she could achieve anything she wants. While she is sensitive to the surroundings and continues to selflessly help others, but she’s also able to always look at things at the bright side with positive attitude and eagerness to learn new things, to improve herself and her environment. She taught me a lot through what she’s done and just being herself. She taught me on the importance of being grateful and the great value of family.

It has been more than just collegiality. Sisterhood, we just met, but I can’t stop thanking you. Hope the bond lasts.


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