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Ikea discourages the use of plastic bags?

Indi went to Ikea Alexandra with Noe yesterday to buy tent for Noe's playhouse. We knew that Ikea in Singapore had just adopted the policy of discouraging the use of plastic bags, and we truly support it, to minimise waste!

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Corruption off the record

I just heard a news about an acquaintance, who works in an organization within in the Indonesian army. He/She was tasked to sell a thing owned by Indonesian army to fund his/her organization. After a few months, finally that thing was sold with a high price.

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Beginning of 2nd Trimester

Okay.. we've been sorta holding back the news of our pregnancy but since we're now beginning with the second trimester, we think that today is the right time to announce it more publicly. We kept the news during the first trimester because there's a lot of uncertainty with regards of the pregnancy, and it is the most volatile period.

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Plonco, Ospek, Hazing

Death of Cliff Muntu as the tip of Plonco Culture Iceberg in Indonesia

The death of IPDN student is not surprising. In Indonesia, seniority is very much embedded into local education culture. I began to sense this when I enter junior high school, and as I moved up onto higher education in Indonesia, the sense of seniority is felt even more.

It is customary to go through rites of passage / initiation rites when one enter a new school in Indonesia, as well as entering extracurricular organizations in school. This initiation rite is governed by a basic rule that the seniors has more authority than the juniors, and that the juniors has less rights than the seniors. Oh I just found out from wikipedia that there is an English word for "plonco" and "ospek" which is "hazing". In the developed countries, hazing is considered as crime, and students involved in it are sent to jail. Wow, in this regards, Indonesia is so behind!

Let's go back to the hazing culture in Indonesia. The unwritten rules are to never question your seniors, and that the seniors always know better. And don't talk to your seniors unless they talk to you first.

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Reading the Sea: Learning from the Polynesian Voyaging Society

Sometime in April 2002 when I was staying with Rani in Honolulu, Hawaii, I attended a talk by members of the Polynesian Voyaging Society on how people in Polynesian sailors have been able to navigate thousands of nautical miles without compasses for centuries.

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Understanding Phinisi or Pinisiq: Indonesian Traditional Sailboats Influenced by European Modern Design

I am sure some of you may have heard about the legacy of Phinisi as something Indonesians can be proud of but have you really found out what the word really means and what it refers to? In fact, the word Phinisi originated from the word pinisiq and probably after the word pinasse, which in the French and German of the time referred to a medium-sized sailing boat.

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Sailboat Charters in Indonesia - Operated by Non-Indonesians

I thought I should share with you a list of sailboat charters for you scuba divers or surfers for Indonesia. Below are some of the charter sailboats that I have found on the internet. Surprisingly, most of these attractive boats are operated by... well... Non-Indonesians! Yes, they seem to be the ones who can sell great tourism ideas to foreigners and serve them well.

We Indonesians must learn from them and that also means we ought to appreciate our seas much more.

Here is my list of wonderful charter sailboats out there (not in order of importance):

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Addicted to "Little Mosque on the Prairie"

I am a strong believer in "being able to laugh at yourselves as a sign of maturity". And that is the reason why I encourage all of you all to watch Little Mosque on the Prairie (especially if you are a follower of Islam).

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Sailing Blue Eagle with Mas Judhi

Yesterday we went sailing again with Derek Mazzone on his beautiful 37 feet ketch Blue Eagle from Changi Sailing Club.

Mas Judhi came with us and it was his first time sailing, too. So, he had every reason to be trigger happy and holding the lines like flying a kite!


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Engdonesia 3

Ternyata istilah Bahasa "Engdonesia" sudah duluan diluncurkan oleh Ariel Heryanto di dalam artikelnya di Kompas. Kok bisa kebetulan sama ya? Padahal saya belum pernah baca artikel tersebut (Artikel Ariel bisa di baca di bawah halaman ini).

Berikut juga beberapa trackback terkait dengan bahasa "Engdonesia" dari website ini dan juga website lainnya:


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