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Friends on Land, Friends on Water

Yesterday was a busy Sunday for our family.

At 8:45am Noe took his regular lesson at Marsden Swim School. Unlike him, he was not too happy in the water yesterday. Maybe because he did not have enough breakfast and there was no sunshine to cheer him up?

Later at 11:00am we had brunch at Breko in Holland Village with Clemens and Olin. Immediately after brunch, we went to Jurong East MRT to catch a 1:10pm shuttle bus to Tuas for something interesting. Now what did we have to go all the way to Tuas for?

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Mex-Cuba Travelog Updated Now With Pics

Gosh, time flies. It's now almost February. Arrgh! Anyway, we have been updating the Mexico-Cuba entries with pictures and sub-heading, just in case you wanna check them out again. Here's the quicklink:

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