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Jakarta: Getting Connected


I arrived in Jakarta on the evening of 4th of July, for my sister’s wedding and Anggi’s sister in law’s wedding. Somehow many people are getting married in July 2007, I think about three or four of my high school friends are getting married during the period, and at least two of my university friends. Interestingly, during this trip, I experience a few “culture shocks”, as I haven’t been home for more than one year. I’ll list down those “shocks” in a two parts: the first one is about internet connectivity, and the second one is about other stuff.

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Video: Kainoe Falling Asleep at Lunch

This was not the first time Noe fell asleep while eating. Wait until you see the last few seconds.

Check this out:

*Taken using xda IIs built-in camera. Should have used MiniDV instead :)

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Sail Indonesia 2007 is On!

Sail Indonesia 2007 is on! When Rani and I could afford a sailboat we will definitely make an effort to participate in this rally together with many other boats. Last year only 1 Indonesian sailor participated among 95 other sailors from Denmark, Austria, Switzerland, New Zealand, Canada, UK, Vanuatu, USA and Australia. See this list from last year's rally.

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Noe finding self

Noe has developed his individuality and personality. Just today, he began to say "Mine!" and "It's mine!", if we get something from him without his consent. He would say "no" to a lot of thing, such as morning shower. Just like his grandfather, Dr. Ahmad, who's taking plenty of time before taking his morning shower.

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Drupal test site di Windows XP anda

(Ditulis di sini biar gak lupa langkah-langkahnya, maklumlah, masih amatiran soal beginian. Apalagi sambil hamil, jadi pelupa banget.

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Noe has made an official statement that he has weaned himself off breastmilk.

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Please update your RSS feed

Hi all, since we've enabled CleanURL, our RSS feed address has changed. Please update your RSS Reader. You can subscribe to with the following Feeds:

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New hosting service

We had about one week of down time this week because we had to move hosting.

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My Brother Said My Face Looks Like Efren Ramirez

My brother Yodhi for some reason has been laughing at me everytime he sees Pedro in Napoleon Dynamite. Below is what Pedro looks like when running for president in high school.

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MUST SEE MOVIE: SiCKO by Michael Moore

I have just finished watching Michael Moore's new film SiCKO on my computer. Just in case you have not heard: The master copy of the film had the potential of being confiscated by US government due to its Cuban related footage but somehow Moore managed to get it distributed globally via the internet. I wrote about this a few weeks ago.

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