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About is a website of an Indonesian couple Indi+Rani who lives away from their home country. Currently they live in Singapore.

Indi was born in Jakarta, Sep 1975 (A Virgo Rabbit). He is the bizdev of the house. He can be contacted through Flickr, FotograferNet, Friendster, ICQ, MSN, Orkut, Skype, TripodWeb, YahooMsgr, YahooPhotos.

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Back to office report


The picture above is the toilet of my new office. I took the picture because I think the signage is unique. Where else in the world could you get a signage forbidding you to put your feet into the washbasin (which is quite a normal practice here, since people need to wash their feet for praying)

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Why we don’t blog as often as before

Lately we are really slow in updating our website. My last entry was 2 months ago, while Indi’s was six months ago. Our main excuses are twofold: First our family goes through a series of change (both the kids and the parents), and secondly, we’re busy taking care our growing child. With one preschooler and one toddler, one can’t afford to sit down in front of the PC and concentrate on writing something.

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Pesta Blogger 08

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Kei's Birth Video

Finally after about 6 months, Kei's birth video is done into a 5 minutes short clip. See here:

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Kei First Flight

Gosh, such a bad mommy I am, I haven't written anything on Kei ever since he was born! True enough, parents dedicate a lot of resources to keep the memory of the first kid, but the resources are dwindling for the second kid and beyond. As I am the fourth kid, I really understand this, because I couldn't find any pictures or mementos related to my infancy and childhood. Sorry I digress. But with the hectic schedule of taking care two kids, I just realized that Kei didn't have as many mementos as Noe had. C'mon, I gotta be fair to both of my kids. So, now I write something about Kei's progress during the past four months.

So far, the only thing that I have written is how breastfeeding Kei has been smooth sailing. Now I will try to add more news.

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When Did I Learn to Read?

Now that Noe is having full day activities at Carpe Diem, we noticed that they have already taught him basic alphabet recognition. Sometimes he would point at similar letters that appear in public domain and say "Same... same" (referring to the letters "N" that appear at different places).

What's next? Is he going to learn how to read at age 3? Is he going to start writing at age 4?

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My Ankle

I am pissed off by whoever did the paving along Labrador Park using limestone (or whatever material) that becomes slippery when wet. It was raining so I slipped and sprained my ankle this afternoon. I landed from my fall the wrong way because I was trying to protect my baby who is sitting in my baby bjorn carrier. And now I can only walk with turtle pace, and my ankle hurts, it is a bit swollen too. ARRGH!

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Obsessed with Tracking Stuff

I think the sayings "What gets measured, gets managed" is quite true....

Tracking our expenses and transactions

We have been quite rigorous in tracking our expenses and transactions since the first years of our marriage. We log our expenses up to the cents.

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