Noe's first time being sick

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Well, besides beginning to become a full-version homo sapiens (having walked using his two legs), this new year is also marked with Noe's first time of being sick...

One day before New Year's Eve, Noe had a sudden onset of high fever of 39.8, we were worried so we took him to GP in Tiong Bahru. We panicked because of the high temperature. But Noe seemed with his condition, he wasn't fussy or crying all the time. Nevertheless, he was lethargic and refused to eat his solid food. Fortunately, he drinks a lot of breastmilk as usual. The doc prescribed paracetamol that we need to give to him sparingly.

We're not really sure what caused the fever, but likely, Noe got it from Rani, who had a mild fever and mild sinusitis on the christmas day.

During the night of Noe's fever, we didn't sleep in order to sponge him to bring the fever down. Noe also became really clingy while he's sick.

Finally in the late morning of 'new years eve' day his fever went down. However he was still a bit tired. And to make things worse, Rani fell sick too, perhaps because she's too tired from the previous day. In summary, Rani got sick on christmas, and the bug struck Noe too, and struck Rani again... damn bug!

On New Year day Noe was all over the place again.. .crawling and walking and banging the drum..

We believe, the miracle of breastmilk helps Noe recover really quickly. The fever did not go on for a long time, luckily. Aside the fever, Noe did not have any complication such as cough or runny nose. I tell you, the magic of breastmilk is really not a myth!


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