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We just discovered Rodovid, a wiki-based family tree, and I spent a whole day putting our family tree and connect it with Babad Tanah Jawi family tree. As a result, I managed to find my ancestors, 33 generations before me, up to Ken Dedes (the wife of Ken Arok, the first ruler of Singhasari, Indonesia) and her father. This is my family tree:

The funny thing is Indi and I are at least related through Bhre Kertabumi, centuries ago. This is what we call inbreeding 'inbreeding' (a term popularized by the 'redneck' community living in Appalachia, the Southern United States, the Ozarks, and later the Rocky Mountain States of the US). I am sure that Indi and I are more closely related, now that Javanese people are related to one another anyway. This is Indi's family tree:

I also put the Minangkabau family tree, the Jenie family tree, a bit of Champa Kingdom family tree, and a bit of Walisongo family tree(Sunan Gunung Jati and Sunan Ampel). I even found Sang Nila Utama's relationship with Minangkabau family, so I put it in as well. Yodhi put the Soemardjan family tree based on Selo Soemardjan biography.

Yodhi also gave a funny suggestion to Rodovid, that is, to create murder-tree in addition to family-tree. You know, the old days of Singasari kingdom was filled with murders between family members and coup d'etats. It would be great if Rodovid put dashed line to indicate who is killed by who. For example, history says that Ken Dedes was kidnapped and forced to become Tunggul Ametung's wife. Her father cursed Tunggul Ametung, saying he would be killed because of Ken Dedes' beauty. And when Ken Arok was motivated by the conflict to murder Tunggul Ametung. Later, Anusapati, Ken Dedes's son from her first husband, murdered Ken Arok and became the second ruler of Singhasari. Can you see the importance?

I encourage you to put your family tree in here. With more family trees put in the database, more people can discover family linkage to others.

Rodovid is newly established and has a lot of potential to develop, particularly if the database is integrated with wikipedia. It really helps people to visualize how the kings and queens of the past relate with each other.


peasants alike

I was surprised to know that I am the 25th generation of the largest mafia family in the Archipelago duing the the 13th century!

Rani wrote:

It really helps people to visualize how the kings and queens of the past relate with each other.

Maybe it should be:

It really helps people to visualize how peasants of the past relate with each other.

I wish my ancestors were peasants :)

Hey, i'm seriously

Hey, i'm seriously interested in this - the old javanese bloodline, particularly the Ken Arok/Kertanegara/Raden Wijaya/Hayam Wuruk line. Can you suggest me reading/reference materials on the history/myth/backgrounder on these?

will really, really appreciate it.


Hold on, i just checked, i thought Raden Wijaya was married to Tribuana Tungga Dewi and later gave birth to Hayam Wuruk?? Or did i get my source wrong??


well according to babad tanah jawi, mataram's monarch are decendents of nabi muhammad, nabi adam, semar and dewa krisna

Enda, You mentioned:


You mentioned: mataram's monarch are decendents of nabi muhammad, nabi adam, semar and dewa krisna.

were they real people?


are we, the descendants of mataram's monarch, holy and divine beings just like those folks you mentioned?

I looking everything about majapahit

Hi I looking everything about majapahit specialy their princess ( Queen) Trybwona Tungga Dewi, the mother of the great King Hayam wuruk.If anybody can help me where I can get the book about it.

Dear Rani,

Dear Rani,
i was searching for family tree topic, and i discovered your webpage. As i read it, the sentence Jenie caught my attention. My bestfriend's last name is Jenie, and to my surprise i found his parents' name on the tree. How amusing :)

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