Nos Vamos a Mexico y Cuba

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Finally, we are done packing our gear for a 33-day trip to Mexico and Cuba. We will try our best to write as much as possible since every single place that we will visit carries a great deal of human history.

To give you a flavor of our itinerary:


Wednesday, 13-Dec-06
Singapore - Manila

Wednesday, 13-Dec-06
Manila - Guam - Los Angeles

Thursday, 14-Dec-06
Los Angeles - Mexico City

Friday, 15-Dec-06
Mexico City

Saturday, 16-Dec-06
Mexico City - Celaya

Sunday, 17-Dec-06

Monday, 18-Dec-06
Celaya - Old Town of Guanajuato

Tuesday, 19-Dec-06
San Miguel de Allende

Wednesday, 20-Dec-06
Celaya - Mexico City

Thursday, 21-Dec-06
Mexico City - Cancun

Friday, 22-Dec-06

Saturday, 23-Dec-06
Cancun - Chichen Itza

Sunday, 24-Dec-06
Chichen Itza

Monday, 25-Dec-06
Chichen Itza - Tulum - Playa del Carmen

Tuesday 26-Dec-06
Tulum - Cancun

Wednesday, 27-Dec-06
Cancun - Havana - Varadero

Thursday, 28-Dec-06

Friday, 29-Dec-06

Saturday, 30-Dec-06
Varadero - Matanzas - Havana

Sunday, 31-Dec-06
Havana New Year Party

Monday, 01-Jan-07
Havana New Year Party

Tuesday, 02-Jan-07
Havana New Year Party

Wednesday, 03-Jan-07
Santa Clara

Thursday, 04-Jan-07
Santa Clara - Trinidad

Friday, 05-Jan-07

Saturday, 06-Jan-07
Trinidad - Cienfuegos

Sunday, 07-Jan-07

Monday, 08-Jan-07
Trinidad - Havana

Tuesday, 09-Jan-07
Havana - Mexico City - Los Angeles - San Diego

Wednesday, 10-Jan-07
San Diego

Thursday, 11-Jan-07
San Diego

Friday, 12-Jan-07
San Diego - Los Angeles

Sunday, 14-Jan-07
Los Angeles - Guam - Manila - Singapore


-Do we speak Latin American Spanish? Si, un poco.
-How much stuff do we carry? Just enough for ten 3-day cycles and we assume to do wash often. I will bring one Osprey Waypoint 60 liter backpack and so will Yodhi. Rani will bring a 50 liter backpack plus a laptop bag. Noe will mostly be hanging out from our Babybjörn.

Time for bed now. I must wake up tomorrow at 6:00am bright and early.


whoa! good luck and have

whoa! good luck and have fun!

Have a long journey !

Indi, Rani and Noe : have a nice trip ! enjoy the cigar !

Enjoy your trip... :)

Jangan lupa oleh-olehnya... :)

Iri melanda

Aaaaaah siriiiiik! Ati2 di jalan, have fun.

have a safe journey

have fun ya...Noe kecil udh jalan jalan ke Mexico&Cuba. Wow..dalam rangka apa miy...bisa jalan2 sebulan gitchu!!

iVaya con dios!

iAyaya! iQue magnifico! Me gusto ir a Mexico y especialmente Cuba pero no tengo oportunidades. Un otro dia, talves.

Met jalan2 yaa...

Wah, assiiikkk nya ....
Apa kabarnya nih? Gimana kabar anak loe? Kalo gak salah dulu lahirnya deketan sama anak gue ya, bulan MAaet 2005 kan?
Salam yaa...

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