26 December: Playa del Carmen

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Chill out by the Playa

We dropped our dirty clothes at lavanderia and had a simple breakfast at a cafe next to the hotel. It was not too bad since it was included in the hotel rate. While waiting for the laundry we took Noe to a playground and a square where Fifth Avenue began, which is located right by the beach. We bought some tortilla with chicken for a very cheap five pesos.



We then had a stroll around Playa Del Carmen's Fifth Avenue, which felt just like Kuta. Amazingly, we even found a shop called "Wayan", which sells Balinese goods such as carvings and handicraft for exorbitant price. Perhaps the shop is owned by Pak Wayan who emigrated to Mexico.



Right after laundry around noon we went to the beach and got Noe in the water. It has been 4 years since Rani wore her bikini in Hawaii. Perhaps it is a norm to wear one in Playa del Carmen since we hardly saw one piece. Some grandma went topless with droopy breast. Luckily Yodhi spotted a topless young woman to balance the scene.

The water was not cold at all. In fact, it was better to stay in the water since the wind was quite strong in late afternoon. Noe at first was a bit scared seeing so much water but later he felt comfortable hugging us in the water. Rani tried to introduce Noe to sand play. Although he was not interested to walk on sand he was curious to see the textures and how it can be easily molded and used to bury Rani's legs.

Yodhi went on a scuba trip for only US$45 as compared to the US$70 he was previously offered. After the dive he said the fishes (yes, many types of fish) were quite large as compared to what he'd seen in his last Malaysia diving trip.

Shopping for Cuba

Later in the evening we went to Wal-Mart! Yes, we had to do some shopping of supplies before we take off to Cuba the next day. We heard Cuban kids lack stationery stuff for school so we bought some crayons, pens and notepads to give away when we are in Cuba. Toilet papers were considered rare so we bought plenty of baby wipes, too.

We had dinner at El Jurado, a small restaurant near shopping center. The food was quite alright for the price we paid. Arrachera (Spiced flank steak), cheese and beans on an oval fried tortilla. Quite yummy for hungry folks like us.

On our way back to the hotel, we saw a souvenir shop that sells tequila in a bottle shaped like a gun. We really wanted to buy it, but too bad, we didn't have space in our luggage, and we just have to depend on our luck when we return to mexico in the next two weeks.

Latin music was playing across the street but we were too tired and too busy packing but Rani managed to run and get some Memey and Pineapple ice cream on sticks near the parking lot where we left the car for the evening.

Time to sleep now. We have to drive to Cancun airport bright and early tomorrow.


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