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Don't Be Empty! (An Interview with David Saul Marshall)

A very wise and intelligent young man of Singapore by the name of Dharmendra Yadav has shared with us his 5 May 1994 interview with David Saul Marshall

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Yuhui's Explanation on Online Auction in Singapore (eBay)

I cannot agree more with Yuhui on the importance of educating the online auction participants on the benefits of sticking to the rules. Even my wife and I have been puzzled by this for quite some time, too.

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Cuba : Love & Suicide

The first narrative-feature film shot in Cuba in 47 years is now available for you to see. It is called Love & Suicide by Luis Moro. Rumor has it that Fidel Castro watched Love & Suicide - and ruptured his intestine. Castro was immediately hospitalized

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Fidel Castro's Message to the World

Fidel is not well but his spirit is always healthier than average people in the world.

Here is a copy of what he said translated from Spanish:

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