2007-02 (Feb)

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Sailing Turmalin from Raffles Marina in Tuas

Last Saturday we chartered Turmalin, a beautiful 54 feet ketch built in Hong Kong. Our friend Puput (who is relocating from Havana to Jakarta), my parents Hindro and Tuti, and the entire Blass-Hernandez family were aboard with us on a half-day cruise around Tuas (departing from Raffles Marina).


We departed shortly after 9:00am and had to be under power for the first hour seeking for favorable winds. It was only after 10:30am when 5 knots of wind came to push us southeasterly towards the tip of Jurong Island.

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PollDaddy: Survey on Wrongdoing & Goodwill by Religious People

I am conducting polls here to see how people think of the cause of wrongdoing/goodwill acts by religious people. Have a go!

The first one:

The second one:

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Is Gardening Better Than Sailing?

If you have to choose between sailing and... naked gardening, which one will be your choice?

I must say that I have never thought of it as an important activity for some people until I read this World Naked Gardening Day, which was described by the organizers in this sentence:

"All that's involved is getting naked and making the world's gardens--whatever their size, public or private--healthier and more attractive. WNGD has no political agenda, nor is it owned or organized by any one particular group. Naked individuals and groups are encouraged to adopt the day for themselves."

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STOP Telling Kids: You're Smart!

This morning I was telling Noe how smart he was for taking eating his pasta on his own or for kicking a bouncing ball. Then Rani warned me that what I did may backfire on Noe's motivation to try more difficult tasks. I did not believe her at first until Rani showed me this article on How Not to Talk to Your Kids.

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Sailing Blue Eagle on a Sunday Afternoon

I had the pleasure of cruising on Blue Eagle with Derek Mazzone (owner/skipper), Francis (from Changi Sailing Club) and Derek Wee (relative of Mazzone from Adelaide). It was Yodhi's first time being on a sailboat and he was enjoying it despite of the heeling. AWe set sail somewhere along Selat Johor and managed to just cruise along until sunset. There was hardly any traffic on this strait compared to the Selat Jurong area where barges and tugboats are always within half a mile radius. Akhmad had his 12mm lens on Nikon D70S and shot many scenes of the Monsoon Cup Regatta due North of where we were. Their spinnakers were up most of the time. So colorful and vibrant!

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Now I Know That There Will Be More Things that I Don't Know Later

Just make sure you watch this. It's not prophecy. It's about shift happening around us.

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Ice Blink: Documentary on Cruising + Live Aboard Family

Pardon me if I may sound like I have been so obsessed with sailing. I am doing this because sailing has been on my mind for quite a while now and just being honest with what my hands want me to type.

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Rani and Noe: Aceh Bound

Rani and Noe took off at 7:50am this morning to Aceh via Medan. Rani will be attending the First International Conference of Aceh and Indian Ocean Studies led by Prof Anthony Reid and friends.

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Class Afloat: Studying Aboard a Tall Ship

Our dear friend Natasha forwarded a story about a Canadian school on a 57-metre-long traditionally rigged sailing ship called the Concordia. The program is called Class Afloat and is open for students who are about to complete their high school education.

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BERITA: Diusut, Renovasi Gedung KBRI di Singapura

Betapa menariknya apabila ada berita korupsi di surat kabar ternama yeng menceritakan perkara korupsi dalam sebuah badan pemerintah Indonesia yang berada di negara "bebas korupsi" seperti Singapura.

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