2007-06 (Jun)

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Noe has made an official statement that he has weaned himself off breastmilk.

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Please update your RSS feed

Hi all, since we've enabled CleanURL, our RSS feed address has changed. Please update your RSS Reader. You can subscribe to indrani.net with the following Feeds:

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New hosting service

We had about one week of down time this week because we had to move hosting.

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My Brother Said My Face Looks Like Efren Ramirez

My brother Yodhi for some reason has been laughing at me everytime he sees Pedro in Napoleon Dynamite. Below is what Pedro looks like when running for president in high school.

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MUST SEE MOVIE: SiCKO by Michael Moore

I have just finished watching Michael Moore's new film SiCKO on my computer. Just in case you have not heard: The master copy of the film had the potential of being confiscated by US government due to its Cuban related footage but somehow Moore managed to get it distributed globally via the internet. I wrote about this a few weeks ago.

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Boingboinged traffic

This is our traffic after being Boingboinged

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Maternal Desire by Christina

This is a comment from our friend Christina R. sent by email with regards to my previous entry. I put it as guest article because her comment is an article of itself. She responded to my article based on her reflection upon reading Maternal Desire by de Marneffe.

By Christina R.

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Breastfeeding - It's Difficult To Be A Woman

Breastfeeding as Enlightenment

Breastfeeding for me is an enlightenment. Breastfeeding is a "source of thoughts", as quoted in Breastwork (Bartlett 2005 pp. 21-22)

"The bosom" is regarded as the seat of thoughts and feeling. ... Lactating breasts become fertile grounds of wisdom, active organs producing food for the mind as well as the body.

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