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Rani and Noe: Aceh Bound

Rani and Noe took off at 7:50am this morning to Aceh via Medan. Rani will be attending the First International Conference of Aceh and Indian Ocean Studies led by Prof Anthony Reid and friends.

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Class Afloat: Studying Aboard a Tall Ship

Our dear friend Natasha forwarded a story about a Canadian school on a 57-metre-long traditionally rigged sailing ship called the Concordia. The program is called Class Afloat and is open for students who are about to complete their high school education.

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BERITA: Diusut, Renovasi Gedung KBRI di Singapura

Betapa menariknya apabila ada berita korupsi di surat kabar ternama yeng menceritakan perkara korupsi dalam sebuah badan pemerintah Indonesia yang berada di negara "bebas korupsi" seperti Singapura.

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Biofuel Action Alert

Please click here!

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Great Inspiration for Me and Rani

After thinking hard enough, ocean cruise sailing is the kind of lifestyle Rani and I will adopt over a course of 5 years. Out of a hectic life exists a simple and joyful life propelled by the natural force of wind. And this video is just one of many inspiring stories we have discovered.

By watching this video: "Sailing on a 42' catamaran through the Bay of Islands of New Zealand", we hope you will understand what we mean by it.

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From Vladivostok with Sail

We are enjoying long weekend here in Singapore with 4 days off until Tuesday.

While Rani took her regular French lesson I brought Noe to visit Carpe Diem Kidz on Alexandra. We will enroll Noe there in March after Rani's business trip to Aceh starting next week.

Later we went to a simple wedding celebration of Harris and Neng in Lakeside. Good food and good company, that's almost always guaranteed when you are with IndoSingMum folks.

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Cocoa with Chili for Flu

I'm currently down with bad flu. Somehow the germs from Jakarta flood got into me. This is a kind of flu that confined me in my bed with a laptop, a really sore throat, headache and fever. I'm trying to alleviate the pain by drinking cups and cups of Bandrek, a ginger tea from Bandung (Courtesy of Andrea Fitrianto). It helped a bit.

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Sailing Lesson Day 3: I am a Sailor now

Finally, I can call myself a Competent Crew for Keelboat! From now, I can legally offer my skills and expertise to any sailboat owner who needs a crew.

Technically, this means I've learned the basics of boat handling. I can be a useful member of a yacht crew rather than just another body for the skipper to worry about.

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I Cannot Stop Reading Sailing Books

Thanks to Singapore National Library! I have been bombarding myself with a wealth of sailing knowledge that I could hardly absorb in such a short time (but persistently and curiously asking for more!). It is such a blessing to be able to access great books at no cost if you are a Singapore Resident.

Here is a list of books that I have been reading for the past 2 weeks:

  • This is Sailing : a complete course / edited by Jim Saltonstall
  • This book begins with advanced techniques for racing types. Not very useful for my limited skills but the pictures really make you understand how cool it is to gybe and tack in harmony!

  • Living afloat by Clare Allcard
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Sailing Lesson Day 1 and 2

I got bitten by sailing bug!

Last Saturday and Sunday I took my first sailing class at Republic of Singapore Yacht Club instructed by Derek Mazzone, a UK citizen who has been living here for the past 25 years. He has sailed to Malaysia and Thailand and even as far as Jakarta on his 37-foot Blue Eagle, currently berthed at Changi Sailing Club. He had interesting stories to tell from his sailing trip and one of the most notable ones is when he had a Close Call with the Tsunami.

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