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Goodbye MacBook, Hello ThinkPad!

Sometimes quick buying decisions must be made (or re-made) when you soon realized that a new product that you like is not always up to your expectations.

Through NUS' subsidized scheme we took the opportunity to order a MacBook last Saturday due to our interest to evangelize others about the concept of pluralism in personal computing (well, MacBook supposedly could run both Windows XP and Mac OS intended to serve disciples who are too shy to convert religion but willing). However, after thorough investigation over various user-group websites, such as Macintouch, we have decided not to change religion at all because MacBooks are known to have this disease called Random Shutdowns. Although such a problem can be repaired we feel that it is best not to take a risk at all especially since we want to a laptop/notebook handy during our Mexico/Cuba trip in December (as for Indi, reliability factor is his top priority). *Plus, we learned from some reliable source that Apple' customer service in Singapore is not up to standard (?).

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Buku "Saya Terbakar Amarah Sendirian"

Sebagai sebuah hadiah ulang tahun dari kakak iparku Siska, buku "Saya Terbakar Amarah Sendirian" karya André Vltchek & Rossie Indira mulai saya baca hari ini dalam perjalanan ke kantor. Hanya dalam beberapa halaman pertama, buku tersebut sudah teramat sangat menggugah perasaan saya.

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Noe's First Haircut

Finally, after 18.5 months after he's born, Noe had his first haircut. We had to form a special team at home to perform this act, consisting of three people. Indi as the chief haircutter, Rani as the cameralady (photography and video), and Yodhi as provider of the logistical matters and training (for using the electric hair trimmer). We grateful for Yodhi's electric hair trimmer which he uses everyday to trim his goatee and armpit hair. Luckily he didn't use it to trim his other hairy parts.

In doing this task, we used the following method: confining the toddler into high chair in front of computer monitor while screening Sesame Street sing along video. It had worked really well, Noe has not been protesting against the fact that he needed to sit down still for an extended period of time, due to Indi's inexperience in toddler hair cutting. We are glad to have saved $20 (equals to Rudy Hadisuwarno Kiddy Cut in PI) or more (other kiddy haircut place in Singapore). And the following is the photo documentation of the big event:

This is "BEFORE"

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flickr map and moo cards

I just found out that there is a new link inside my flickr page. Take a look!

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The air in Singapore has been really unpleasant. When you look out the window you wouldn't be able to see really far because there is blurry fog all day long. But wait, it's not foggy at all!

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Happy Birthday, Google!

I did not realize that Google is 8 years old already. Time goes by so fast when we are having fun!

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Thaksin and His Sins

I was just about to fall asleep in Shanghai's Yangtze Hotel (11pm on 19th September) when CNN broke the news about Thai military tanks patrolling all over the city of Bangkok. I immediately turned the volume up to see what was happening when UN General Assembly was in session (and I also heard Thaksin had already left the room when Koffi Anan made his opening remarks).

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Cuban Visa

We are getting one step closer in the preparation for our upcoming Christmas trip to La Habana. When we were in Indonesia last week for our cousin wedding, we managed to obtain our Cuban visa (tourist card). Yay!

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A New Virgo was Born: Sawyer Bennett Blass - 9 September 2006

Good news!

Our dear friends Anthony Blass and Elizabeth Hernandez are a happy couple!

Their latest addition, Sawyer Bennett Blass emerged at 12:06 p.m. on September 9, 2006, weighing in at 3.21 kg (7.1 pounds) and 50 cm (19.7 inches) at Raffles Hospital.

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Hutang saya pada Inong

Saya gak tau gimana menggambarkan emosi saya. Kesedihan di hati karena kepergian Inong rasanya menusuk sekali, tetapi saya tidak menangis. Memang saya tidak bisa menangis kalo sedih (Karena hanya bisa menangis di saat marah saja), tapi kali ini kepala rasanya sakit, tenggorokan tercekat, dan rasanya ingin murung terus. Masih antara percaya dan gak percaya, bisa-bisanya seseorang yang begitu ceria dan energik, masih muda, bisa pergi begitu saja. Selain sedih, ada juga rasa kecewa yang dalam kepada diri saya sendiri, karena saya masih berhutang dengan Inong. Ia minta dibawakan oleh-oleh dari perjalanan saya bulan lalu, dan saya sudah siapkan beberapa batang coklat buatan tangan. Tetapi saya selalu menunda-nunda untuk bertemu dia dan menyampaikan buah tangan itu. Saya selalu berpikir nanti saja, karena sepulang perjalanan itu memang saya langsung ditimpa kesibukan kampus. Lagipula Inong mengajak Noe datang ke pesta ulang tahun Syifa tanggal 2 September, jadi saya pikir di sana sajalah saya sampaikan oleh-oleh tersebut. Tidak disangka pesta itu tidak pernah terjadi, dan coklat masih tersimpan di dalam lemari.

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