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My Cubicle - Motion Picture

Hi, Friends!

I thought you may wanna see this motion picture on You Tube:
My Cubicle - Motion Picture shot, directed, edited by Judhi Prasetyo. He used his trustworthy Canon 20D with various lenses to capture the essence of my professionalism at work.

The sources of inspiration:

1. PATRYK REBISZ: Between You And Me, which was made using Canon EOS 20D;

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Come Join Us: Pilgrimage to Cuba

In light of our preparation to visit Cuba in December 2006, Rani and I have been reading so many books about the place as well as watching films with the same subject.

If you have an interest in Cuba, Fidel Castro or Che Guevara, I'd like to recommend you to watch a documentary film on Fidel Castro that I borrowed from National Library in Singapore. The film title is "Fidel: The Untold Story", a film by Estella Bravo readily available at Please, let me know what you think about the film, good or bad.

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Rani the Aries and Indi the Virgo

I am not a great fan of horoscopes but I find some 90% truth in what has been prescribed for a relationship/marriage between an Aries (Rani) and a Virgo (Indi).


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What is the benefit of being Indonesian? (as compared to being Malaysian)

Other than having the right to own land in Indonesia (preferably by square meters not by cubic meters), what else do you think are the benefits of being Indonesian (as compared to being Malaysian)?

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Have you been to Argentina or Cuba?

The great thing about having your own website (or blog) is that you could also post your question and, hopefully, get genuine responses.

So, please allow me to ask you some questions (you can respond in comment section):

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Singapore Government and Online Auctions

Some of you may have read Rani's writing entitled How online auction works in Singapore.

Given the fact that most Singapore-based online auction sellers and buyers ("participants") do not act according to the international norms that you normally see happening in Singapore Yahoo! Auctions and eBay Singapore (US and Europe being the best example of how online auction should be conducted), I was wondering if you any of you have channels to the Singapore government entity that has the power to regulate how buyers and sellers behave.

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Indo Sing Mum Picnic

I called one of my good friends (who are married, with children) to see if they want to attend Indo Sing Mum picnic to be held this Saturday at Botanic Gardens, Singapore.

One of the responses/questions I got about the event is (paraphrased/translated into English): Are there many Indonesian Chinese?

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West Sumatra Bound

Some say that what they like the most about Singapore is when they "leave" it, not when they "live" in it.

I am saying this because we are about do another getaway and experience "leaving it".

West Sumatra, it is. And we are going with about 20 happy friends from Singapore and will stay at

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Kenny Sia Considers Circumcision

In light of Kenny Sia's genuine interests in getting his "little bird" altered, I highly recommend that he become the spokesperson of SmartKlamp, specializing in the fine art of male circumcision.

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SBY: Political Hero, Coward, Fool, Or Genius?

I bet by now millions of you have heard about this:

"The final decision on closing the case against the 84-year-old Suharto lies with President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono (SBY)"

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