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Minang Signs

There are two things that caught our attention during last week’s trip in West Sumatra.
First thing is the unique signs that can be found along the way. Second is how vehicle here is always intricately decorated.

Let me present to you the first thing: about the unique signs that are found along the way.

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Picnic and Reunion

Last week we had a picnic and a reunion with an old friend.

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Second Time Being Sick

Exactly one month ago Noe was down with series of illnesses and accidents. We were really worried. First, he fell and bumped his nose so hard that he cried inconsolably and the nose became swollen and blue. A few days later, he had a high fever and refused to eat or drink. At night, he couldn’t sleep because he felt really uncomfortable. After he fully recovered from the viral infection, he got food poisoning.

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We arrived home from West Sumatra and found our website full of spam, thousands of them, and the mysql table crashed. This is crazy! has a quite low readership, so the spammer is making bad judgment by trying to hijack this website.

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Jakarta in Google Earth

Wow, I'm so late, I just found out that Google Earth now have high resolution image of Jakarta, Bandung, and even East Timor. The image is from 2003, and has been online since late march / early april 2006.

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Singapore Government and Online Auctions

Some of you may have read Rani's writing entitled How online auction works in Singapore.

Given the fact that most Singapore-based online auction sellers and buyers ("participants") do not act according to the international norms that you normally see happening in Singapore Yahoo! Auctions and eBay Singapore (US and Europe being the best example of how online auction should be conducted), I was wondering if you any of you have channels to the Singapore government entity that has the power to regulate how buyers and sellers behave.

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Balut and Others

This is a long overdue post about Balut, Vietnamese Spring Roll, and Square Watermelon. But first of all, I got to know Michael Ohlsson, another weird food connoisseur, who lives in China, through my entry about weird food

Back to Balut. It has been years since the last time I ate balut. My dad used to live in Manila, and he’s the one who introduced me to Balut, a traditional delicacy of the region. Balut is essentially duck egg with duckling in it. Baby ducks. Duck Foetus. He taught me to eat it freshly boiled with salt. Unlike ordinary eggs, this egg has crunchiness and meatiness in it. The boiled egg would also have a bit of duck broth in it. For me it tasted delicious. But for some people, the very concept of eating foetus really turns them off. Well, you wouldn’t know unless you try.

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Hot White Mojito

Last weekend, I was quite successful in my first attempt to become the bartender of my household. I made mojito, a traditional cuban drink, out of fresh ingredients. I got the recipe from Bacardi. How flattered I was when Indi and Yodhi complimented my mojito!

Although the recipe asks for Rum, you can make the drink as virgin mojito, and it'll be thirst quenching for hot Singapore weather. However, today I tried to make a hot variation of mojito, which would better suit for cold climate/weather. This one is without lime juice.

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Gmail for my domain

Yay! have received approval for "Gmail for your domain" beta! I found out about it from James Seng, like, so long after it has been launched (in february). Nevertheless, I tried to apply as beta tester during the last week of may for six email accounts, and three days later, I got approval for 25 accounts. Yup, this means, I gotta make 22 more babies in order to utilise the quota to the full extent. I won't put screenshots, there are many of them online already.

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Indo Sing Mum Picnic

I called one of my good friends (who are married, with children) to see if they want to attend Indo Sing Mum picnic to be held this Saturday at Botanic Gardens, Singapore.

One of the responses/questions I got about the event is (paraphrased/translated into English): Are there many Indonesian Chinese?

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