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Monday, October 25, 2004

Day 4 - Part 2

When we arrived in Schiphol Rani bought a cheap and good quality waist bag which she really needed to bring her gadget. Noor picked us up at the airport and we took the drain directly to Den Haag.

This is the train ticket that took us to Den Haag.

We got off in HS station, then took Tram 9, then change to Tram 2 to Leisdsenhage in Leidschendam. Noor's apartment is really nice, neat, cozy, spacious and perfectly spotless! We're really afraid that we will make her apartment dirty. She has been living there for 4 years.

We then washed our clothes. I called Yonav, asking whether it's possible to meet him. He was caught up with bad cold, and could not leave his house in Rotterdam. Then I called Penia and asked to meet her after dinner.

We had dinner at Noor's house, together with Joe and Esther. We started the dinner by breaking the fast at 5.32pm with tea, dutch cinnamon cookie, and dates. Then we had the main course of chicken curry, rice, potato with beef and chilli, sambal, and green salad with apple. We called Fauzia during dinner and she was pleased to hear news from us.

At 8pm we took Tram 2 and changed to Tram 1 at Spui, together with Joe. The new underground tram stop at Spui was really nicely done. From Delft Central, Joe said goodbye to continue to Rotterdam while we took a bus no. 60 to Penia's plate.

Penia greeted us at the bus station and served Turkish Sweets, Baklava, and Kebab. We have not met each other for 10 years, ever since she graduated from secondary school. We chatted about our lives and marriage.

Time flies, and we had to quickly return to Amsterdam. We did not want to be too late because Noor had to work early the next day. So we run to Delft Station through Hoornse Weg along the canal. It must be really nice to walk along this small road in a sunny day, to see people's backyard linked directly with the Canal. We arrived just in time for the express train, immediately buy the ticket and jumped on to the train. Luckily somebody was holding the door for us, or else we had to wait for the next rain. It was quite a thrilling experience. We got off the train at Laan van NOI where we bumped into the building designed by Hertzberger. We then changed into Tram 2 from Voorburg. We arrived at Noor's house at 10.50pm, really sorry to arrive so late at home. We were surprised to find that the clothes we washed earlier had been put to dry by Noor. She was indeed really kind to us!

Well here's the picture of local transport punch-card to be used in Netherlands.


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