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Thursday, November 04, 2004

Day 14 - Part 2

We wanted to visit the Salzburg Marionetten Theater, but there were no performance in November.

We then walked along the river, at the back of Sacher Hotel, and cross towards Mirabell Garden. On the way saw this cute dog in a basket, perhaps to guard against pickpockets.

Again, The Mirabell Garden is where Do-Re-Mi scene was shot. Remember this unicorn?

Here, Indi heard soft sound of Dixieland Jazz, and he wanted to find the source of the sound. It turned out that there was a Dixieland Jazz Performance in Mirabellplatz just in front of the church and the Thursday Market.

This is the Summerhill Dixie band members.

After enjoying the great (and free) concert, we rushed back to our parking place. On the way, we got one bowl of Italian Fish Soup and Paella for lunch. It tasted excellent and was really freshly made of seafood.

Since time is running out, we didn’t have a chance to visit the Hellbrunn Palace nor the Brewery (Anyway, Indi does not like beer). We decided to head back to Vienna, 300km away. The weather was cloudy and foggy, and we were saddened by the decisive news of Bush’s victory, plus, the forecasted drop of temperature over the weekend.

Indi did not want to refill the tank until the very last minute. The minute the fuel light is on, Indi decided to wait for the next two filling stations, which turned out to be about 70km away. I was so afraid that we would run out of fuel and stranded in the middle of nowhere, whereas we need to catch the flight tomorrow early morning! I was so tense in the car. Luckily, we found an OMV filling station just in time that it relieved my worries (moreover, OMV is cheaper than BP, AGIP, or even Shell).

We decided to avoid Vienna City Center and Praterstern and took a detour using A23 Expressway from the south of Vienna. Everything goes well until we enter the fringe of the city. The expressway turned out to be really packed, particularly with eastern European cars and commuters. We were stuck at 15-20kph for nearly one hour. The traffic jam stretched all the way to Kagran. Luckily, we made it in time to buy goodies to bring to Singapore from Spar.

When we arrived at Mas Reza’s home, the whole house caught cold. Mas Reza was lying there with 39C body temperature. The day before, Rania had fever up to 40C. Poor thing!


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