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Friday, November 05, 2004

Day 15

The next morning, we had sushi and mie goreng for breakfast. Together with Mas Reza, we drove to drop Kaka in school and continued to the city area to return the car. As expected, the traffic was not really smooth because it was weekday.

We managed to do City Check-in. The lady at the counter rushed us to take the CAT train because the boarding time is 9.40am, and we are still in the City at 9am. I was a bit hesitant to take CAT and asked her whether it was possible to take the S7 instead. She said the time is too tight. Hence we decided to take CAT, which is outrageously expensive. We really thought that we were late.

This is the train. The duration difference between S7 and this is only 8 minutes but the price is twice as much. We really should have taken S7 instead.

We were so pissed off to know that the plane was delayed for one and a half hour due to technical difficulty (they need to change the Electric Generator). If I had known this, I would've taken the S7 train and saved EUR12! And we also lost our water bottle in the train! And they did not even offer breakfast along with the delay (I had slight migraine because of hunger). Finally, boarding started at 12pm.

This is where I sat on board.

The flight was full of people, unlike the flight we took to Vienna. There would be no chance to sleep straight across the economy class seats. Sitting behind us are eastern European people who talked so loudly and kept banging against Indi's seat. Poor Mas Indi, he could not sleep at all in the plane!

Finally after such a long and uncomfortable flight (long haul flight is only comfortable when it's empty), we arrived in Singapore. We were greeted by the heat of sun, people talking loudly over their cellphones in public trains, and people not offering their seats to pregnant women, like shown in this picture (I was standing nearby these men and was clearly pregnant but they just decided to shut themselves out of the surrounding using books, portable music player, or just pretend to sleep). I guess this is back to reality, again.


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