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Sunday, October 24, 2004

Day 3 - Part 2

Thomas drove us downtown to find a place for lunch. On the way, we passed by the road roundabout built by Thomas, and to admire his workmanship, we circled the roundabout three times.

When we arrived at this seaside commercial centre, Indi and I admired the nice scale and workmanship of European architecture. This is how we play around with architecture.

We're also surprised that in Trondheim we did not see any billboard at all. Or at least, any big billboard. We decided to have lunch at Peppe's pizza. The outdoor seats were provided by thick blankets, since the weather was really cold, below 5C degree. We ordered two pizzas for $25 each. The size turned out to be really big, like, 50cm in diameter. Such a big restaurant with only three waiters. When we asked to take away the rest of the pizza, the waiter only gave us the box and we had to put the pizza in ourselves. This does not mean a bad service, but is actually the culture in Norway.

We took the expressway and tunnels to get Ivan to the airport. On the way, we saw farms with cute cows and hay rolls. We arrived at Mjosund House for tea and dinner, and managed to check my email. I found a lot of junk inside my Indosat mailbox. Almost the whole Mjosund household were sick, perhaps because of late night party the night before. Ninni had a cramp, while Mia and Monika (Kenneth's wife) coughed. I played around with Helen (Kenneth's daughter). We had salmon, boiled vegetables and yesterday's soup for dinner. After dinner, we showed the Mjosund yesterday's wedding photos, and it was really fascinating. You can see Rani, Kenneth, Helen, and Monika in the photo

When we returned to Elok and Thomas’ house, we watched 911, the story from inside American Airlines, before going to bed.


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